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Save Your Village Today In The PSX-Style Action RPG, Anuchard

Developer stellarNull and publisher Freedom Games have announced that their action RPG, Anuchard is available on PC and console right now.

Developer stellarNull are not newcomers to the world of video games. Their previous work includes a variety of flash and mobile games that strive to be original. However, the latest title, Anuchard seems to be their very first foray into console and PC gaming. Inspired by the PSX era of video games, this action RPG hopes to bring players back to a simpler time while still engaging them with modern mechanics. Rico Lemba, a programmer and game designer at stellarNull, spoke about wanting to combine combat and narrative in a dynamic way.

“Aunchard’s classic art style should take anyone back to the good old days of waking up on a Saturday morning to forge through PSX-era dungeons […] I wanted to create a project combining dynamic combat interactions with a lasting and visible impact on the narrative!”

Rico Lamba ~ stellaNull

Check out the game’s launch trailer here.

What Is Anuchard?

Anuchard is an action RPG all about saving your community. After becoming the legendary Bellweilder, you must set out on an epic journey to rescue the people of Orchard village. By defeating enemies and bosses you’ll be able to free the trapped souls of your fellow villagers and send them home. Once they’re free, you can begin rebuilding your village and enhancing your skills. Through elemental attacks, utilising the environment and whacking them with the magical Audros Bell, you’ll be able to overcome anything that gets in your way. Here is just some of what you can expect if you pick Anuchard up today:

  • Fight enemies using a variety of unique skills
  • Use the environment against your foe in action-packed combat
  • Take on deadly bosses in brutal boss fights
  • Rebuild your community one villager at a time
  • Collect Spires to enhance your combat skills
Image Credit – stellarNull

Release Date & Price

Anuchard is available for purchase right now. You can pick it up for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Steam and the Epic Game Store. It costs $14.99/£11.39, but currently has a 20% discount on Steam.

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