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Party Game Push Your Family is Coming To Early Acces This September

Developer Meteor Mug has announced that their upcoming slapstick party game, Push Your Family, will be coming to Steam Early Access this September.

If you’ve ever thought the best part of game night with your family is the fighting and bickering, well Push Your Family might just be for you. The three-person development team behind it have confirmed that it will be launching into Early Access later this September. According to the developers, Early Access is the “first step on the road to Push Your Family becoming a multiplayer party pack of many different game modes”. Currently, it is set to have two game modes titled Battle and Quarantine. Over the course of the Early Access period, more modes and content will be added. A Game Designer at Meteor Mug, Bauke Hoekstra, spoke about how they’re looking forward to getting their game into the hands of the public.

“At last everyone has the chance to push their families, as well as pushing us to make the game great! It’s going to be a wild ride, and we’re looking forward to every bit of it. Before you ask.. no family members were harmed in the process of making this game… yet!”

Bauke Hoekstra ~ Meteor Mug

You can check out the game’s announcement trailer here.

What Is Push Your Family?

Push Your Family is a physics-based party game centred around a fractious family on a road trip. As anyone who has been on a road trip with their family knows, the two simply do not go together. Play with up to three friends – or family – either locally or online in this game all about pushing your family into stuff. Push them in front of trains, cannonballs, penguins or even each other (because why not).

Featuring a play-doh inspired visual style – for that nostalgic boost – Push Your Family is potentially going to be the multiplayer game that finally breaks your family apart. Or maybe it’ll bring them together? Who can say? Here is some of what you can expect when it launches later this month:

  • Simple controls with devestating consequences (for your family not you)
  • Two game modes on launch: Battle and Quarantine
  • Switch up each game with “special settings” that can control gravity, the size of your heads and arms, and even give you super strength
  • Unlock new outfits and hats to look extra cool when you push your family around
  • More content coming soon

Release Date & Price

Push Your Family will be available later this month. There is currently no word on price. You can, however, head on over to its Steam store page and try out its free demo. Additionally, you can wishlist the game and be notified of when it drops.

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