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Project: Nightlight, The Tense Horror VR Game, Releases in March

Adelaide-based developer, Fringe Realities, is excited to announce that their debut title, Project: Nightlight, an atmospheric horror VR game, will be launching on Steam VR in March, 2023.

Update: Fringe Realities ran into some issues with the build and upload process, and has had to delay the game from their initial March 3rd release. They aim to launch the game very soon. You can check out their tweet here.

Fringe Realities is a group of six graduate video game developers from South Australia, who are prepared to take advantage of virtual reality advancements to deliver incredible games and experiences.

Project: Nightlight is the first game that the studio is releasing. Using virtual reality capabilities, Fringe Realities aims to create a horror experience with real-life accuracy. This honestly sounds terrifying.

Newspaper Project: Nightlight Screenshot
Image Credit – Fringe Realities

What is Project: Nightlight?

In the VR horror game, Project: Nightlight, you take on the role of a security guard tasked with protecting the facility. Every night is quiet, but this particular night seems to be a little too quiet. Suddenly, it becomes clear that something is amiss and you must go deeper into the building following the orders of a radio broadcast in order to secure “The Artifact”.

The narrative of this story is likely to be very unsettling, and, as you progress, you will discover more secrets. Something Unknown is lurking, and you must use your intelligence and the few resources you come across to make it through the night. Be prepared to solve puzzles and confront the frightening mysteries that lurk in the shadows.

Holding Gun Project: Nightlight Screenshot
Image Credit – Fringe Realities

Virtual Reality Interactivity

Project: Nightlight immerses you in its world by allowing you to interact with the environment around you. The key features you can expect are:

  • Break chains with your bolt cutters
  • Melt locks with a blowtorch
  • Physically interact with doors, shutters, environmental clutter
  • And do more of what you’ve come to expect with Virtual Reality.

Project: Nightlight releases on March 3, 2023 via Steam VR. You can wishlist the game now. For more information and future updates, they’ll be available on the official Twitter page.


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