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Post-Apocalyptic Adventure, Potentia, Releases On Steam This February

Potentia, an all-new action-adventure title by brand-new developers Wily Pumpkin, is releasing this February on Steam.

Potentia is a fantastic looking single-player, narrative-based post-apocalyptic game, that puts players in the role of Victor. You must navigate the treacherous world of Potentia, fight against numerous enemies all the while protecting your loved ones in what seems like an incredibly dramatic story.

Potentia - Gameplay
Image Credit – Wily Pumpkin

This is a third-person-shooter that feels reminiscent of The Last of Us, from its lush forest landscapes to its eerie narrative. From the looks of things, Potentia has a lot of potential (couldn’t help myself) to be a truly great game! You can play it either stealthily, sneaking about like its nobody’s business, or go in guns blazing, and will be able to utilise various different pieces of equipment such as a night vision device or a fixed-wing drone. Sounds exciting!

This is Wily Pumpkin’s first rodeo, a development studio comprised of just 4 people! It looks like it could be another quality double-A project, and I’m super excited to see where this goes! If you are too, and like the look of the trailer, then check out Potentia’s Steam store page, and give its demo a whirl before the game releases on February 11th, 2021.

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