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Play Unrailed! For Free Until 25th January

Daedalic Entertainment and Indoor Astronaut, the folks behind the award-winning Unrailed!, are generously offering players the opportunity to play Unrailed! for free until January 25th.

If you’re a fan of local or online multiplayer games, and oh, maybe having the time of your life, then Unrailed! is absolutely the game for you. You can either work together in teams of four to guide your train through dangerous terrain filled with obstacles and meddling local wildlife to reach the safety of the next station. Or, and this is when it gets really good, you can compete against your friends in a two-versus-two game.

If multiplayer isn’t your thing (don’t worry, it isn’t mine either), then Unrailed! has a fantastic single-player mode. Aren’t these guys generous! In the singleplayer mode, bots will be your teammates, and they don’t mind getting shouted at quite as much. You can check out the trailer here.

Unrailed! - Gameplay
Image Credit – Indoor Astronaut

After all that fun, you can also hop into the game’s sandbox mode, and become the ultimate conductor. Experiment with all the features you’ve unlocked and express your creativity. There’s also a replay system and many upgrades for your train, so there’s a lot to do here.

If this sounds like your kind of game, then Unrailed! is free to play until the 25th of January. But don’t fret, if you love it and want to hold onto it, then the game also has a whopping 50% off on Steam until the 25th of January. Try it, and if you love it (which you will, who are we kidding), then buy it at a huge discount.

Feel free to check out Unrailed! on Steam, and be sure to give the game a go.

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