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Persona 5 Strikers Review (XBO): Innovation At Its Finest

Around this time, four years ago, I started my first playthrough of Persona 5. It was my first time playing a Persona game, so I had no idea what to expect. Little did I know that it would have been my favorite game of 2017. Fortunately, Persona 5 Strikers retains the qualities that made its predecessor great while offering new and welcome innovations. It has brought back many of those feelings I felt while playing the original and a whole lot more.

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“The way that Koei Tecmo has brought the strategy elements of Persona and merged them in with the Warriors’ type of gameplay has to be commended.”

Persona 5 Strikers feels similar to Persona 5 in terms of the way the game flows. When I first heard that Persona 5 Strikers would be a Dynasty Warriors-type game, I wasn’t completely sold on the idea because I could never get into the Warriors games myself. But since I loved Persona 5, I was willing to give it a shot. Ultimately, I was blown away by the action gameplay and level design.

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Koei Tecmo has brought the strategy elements of Persona and merged them with the Warriors’ type of gameplay, which has to be commended. While the Warriors’ gameplay style remains mostly the same, the weaknesses system and skill choices keep the gameplay fresh throughout the story.

“Having the opportunity to play as other characters from the Phantom Thieves was a treat.”

The main cast of the Phantom Thieves were my favorite characters in Persona 5, primarily due to their interactions and how they handled situations about the metaverse. It was hard to say goodbye to this ragtag group of misfits at the end of Persona 5. Fortunately, Persona 5 Strikers picks up a couple of months after the events of Persona 5. It was fantastic to see this group reunited again, and it felt just like reconnecting with some old friends.

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Persona 5 Strikers is a Warriors type of game, and as such, it benefits from that title’s incredibly refined and very satisfying combat. In addition to the hack-and-slash gameplay traditionally found in Musou games, you can use each character’s unique Persona. These act as special abilities and can destroy mobs within seconds of encountering them. Having the opportunity to play as other characters from the Phantom Thieves, too, was an absolute treat. Their typical combo styles and personas differ so much from Joker’s style that playing as each one of them felt like a unique experience. Persona 5 Strikers also features jails that, while not as deep as Persona 5’s palaces, served their purpose well.

“I never felt as if the Musou elements detracted from the overall experience.”

Persona 5 is undoubtedly a visual spectacle that oozes with style. It borrows from the previous title’s style and innovates to create a distinctive aesthetic. This is seen throughout the game’s UI and is most prevalent in its menus. Fortunately, Persona 5 Strikers adheres to the same principle of UI design as its predecessor. It exudes style and charm like Persona 5 before, making for a more visually distinct experience. As such, Koei Tecmo did a fantastic job transitioning the style and feel of Persona 5 to Strikers.

Persona 5 Strikers isn’t without its flaws, however. Some things could have been more consistent while playing that let the overall experience down. For example, during certain hectic fights, the camera would get caught on walls, impairing my vision of the battlefield. Similarly, certain pieces of dialogue were drowned out by the egregiously loud combat sounds. While neither of these issues was entirely detrimental to my overall experience, they’re worth noting.

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Persona 5 Strikers encapsulates everything I love about the Persona series. It retains well-developed characters; the witty and charming writing allows for the fun banter between the Phantom Thieves and the slick and stylish action the series is known for. I never felt as if the Musou elements detracted from the overall experience. Instead, they innovate on specific aspects of the franchise and never feel intrusive. There may be slight niggles here and there, but for the most part, Persona 5 Strikers is yet another smash hit in a franchise full of some of the greatest JRPGs out there.

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Persona 5 Strikers - Feature Image
Persona 5 Strikers Review
Persona 5 Strikers is an incredible blend of the traditional Persona style gameplay and Musou combat. It continues the gorgeous aesthetical style of the previous games and retains all the witty dialogue and clever writing that fans of the series know and love. It was an absolute treat to see the gang back together, and while there may have been a few issues here and there, I can't deny the fact that I had a blast playing Persona 5 Strikers.
Gorgeous Art Style
Electrifyingly Eclectic Combat
Great Writing And Characters
Some Minor Technical Issues