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Pax Aus 2023: App and Merch Availability, and Late Surprise Guest

It’s not too far away from PAX Aus 2023, Australia’s largest gaming festival, and there are a slew of fresh announcements for the big weekend.

From app and merch availability to a new surprise guest, there is plenty to be excited about for the event next week.

PAX Aus 2023 Merch Store

PAX Aus 2023 App and Merchandise

Those looking to plan their event journey ahead of time can download the PAX Aus app on their phones. It allows attendees to access key information for the event ahead of time, including scheduling, booth locations, and much more. PAX Aus is next weekend, and it is best to get the jump on things now. The app can be downloaded here.

Any curious shoppers looking to get their hands on some of the official merchandise for the PAX Aus 2023 event should head to the shop during the event. It includes everything from tradeable pins, sweaters, t-shirts, hats, and much more. The PAX Aus merchandise shop will sell limited quantities of items at the Merch Lite location on the Main Concourse, and a preview of what the store is offering can be found on the website.

Bethesda and Fireside Chat

An interesting event is taking place known as the “Fireside Chat” and features discussions between multiple people in the gaming industry. The event will feature the president of Acquire Studios, Takuma Endo, as well as John Johanas and Rich Lambert, creative and game directors at Bethesda. If you want to read more about what Bethesda is offering during Melbourne International Games Week, you can read about it here.

PAX Aus 2023 x Bethesda

Bandai Namco and PAX Adventurer’s Guild

Acclaimed Japanese game publisher Bandai Namco is attending PAX Aus 2023. The company plans to show off more gameplay and details on the much-anticipated fighting game Tekken 8, with the title being playable in the Console Freeplay area of the festival.

Furthermore, the PAX Adventurer’s Guild is returning to Pax Aus 2023 and invites visitors to participate in real-life LARP quests every day. The experience takes place from 11 am to 4 pm each day in the Community Room on the second level of the convention center.

For more updates and information about PAX Aus 2023 and Melbourne International Games Fest, you can check out everything you need to know here.


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