Organs Please In-game Screenshot

Organs Please: Humans Are Great Fuel – Demo Preview

Steam’s The Big Adventure Event is live right now, and there are plenty of unique indie video game demos. Organs Please caught my eye from its unique artwork, but I never thought harvesting humans for resources could be so fun.

Organs Please can be quite complicated at first. If you skip any of the text in the tutorial, you might be in a little bit of trouble. Fortunately, once you wrap your head around it, the game has an incredibly satisfying gameplay loop. Organs Please draws many comparisons to Fallout Shelter; if Fallout Shelter harvested humans for fuel and money.

Organs Please In-game Screenshot
In-game Screenshot

The game begins with the unfortunate fact that the world is ending. The Ark is a haven or shelter for the human race, but not everyone can fit. Plus, there aren’t a lot of resources left for you to make the Ark. So, naturally, the best material to use are humans. Your job is to maintain a functioning warehouse where humans are harvested into different parts to fulfil requests by the Ark. Moreover, there are also optional requests that will earn you money if you complete them.

Once the warehouse is operational, it becomes relatively automatic, and you will assume your role of the Ark dictator decision-maker. People will pass by your booth every day, and you will make some tough choices. You must decide who makes it to the Ark, who you will harvest for resources, and who you will burn for fuel. You can even hire them to work in the warehouse too. Decisions are mostly dictated by stats, but it’s surprisingly enjoyable.

“If the full game of Organs Please is as polished as the demo, then I, for one, am counting down the days until release.”

Terrorists and Factions add extra elements to the game. As expected, letting a terrorist onto the Ark isn’t a good idea, and if you do, bad things happen. Factions will also bribe you to finish particular challenges, and completing them will give you faction points. These points are essentially skill points, and you will gain benefits the higher they are.

Organs Please In-game Screenshot
In-game Screenshot

At first, I thought Organs Please would be a straightforward generic simulator. However, that’s far from the case. The demo contains around an hour’s worth of gameplay, and by the end, you’re not going to want it to stop. The constant decisions and thought of a terrorist sneaking onto the Ark kept me on my toes. Every day, I constantly analyzed the decisions I made and the possible consequences of my actions.

If the full game of Organs Please is as polished as the demo, then I, for one, am counting down the days until release. Hopefully, Techhome and HeroCraft take their time and develop this into the addictive masterpiece that it could become.

You can wishlist Organ Please on Steam now, and check out the demo too.


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