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Nostalgic Train Releases Today for Xbox Consoles

Developer Tatamibeya and publisher Amata K.K. have released their critically acclaimed walking sim, Nostalgic Train onto Xbox consoles.

Having previously been released on other platforms, Nostalgic Train has finally released on Xbox. Billed as a walking simulator or first-person adventure, the game saw its initial release back in 2018 on Steam in Japanese. PlayStation and Switch versions were released a little later. Fortunately for English speaking players, alongside the console releases, the game received various language options as well.

Image Credit – Amata K.K.

You can watch the game’s Xbox launch trailer here.

What Is Nostalgic Train?

Nostalgic Train is a single-player walking simulator narrative experience. It features both a story and “free play” mode. The free play mode allows the player to explore on their own time, taking in the beautiful scenery of the world. The story mode focuses on the missing people of the town of Natsugiri. Along the way, you will uncover the mystery surrounding their disappearance and also discover “yourself”. Here is some of what you can expect:

  • Freely explore a beautifully recreated Japanese countryside
  • Uncover the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the town’s people
  • Choose between the “Story Mode” and “Free Mode”
  • Listen to a beautiful soundtrack and soundscape
Nostalgic Train - Gameplay
Image Credit – Amata K.K.

Release Date & Price

Nostalgic Train is now available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in all regions. The game is available as a digital download only. You can pick it up for £11.74.