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My Time At Sandrock Launches Into Early Access This May

Developer Pathea has announced that their much-anticipated sandbox adventure game, My Time at Sandrock will launch this May.

For fans of My Time at Portia, the long wait for its sequel much be excruciating. The first game in the My Time series launched way back in 2018 and wowed players with its gorgeous world, engaging gameplay and loveable cast of characters. Two years later, My Time at Sandrock would be announced, but it wasn’t until today that fans got a firm release date for the Early Access version. Yan Wei, Sandrock’s producer, spoke about how this was the next evolution for the My Time series and how they’re finally releasing the game they’ve always wanted to make.

My Time at Sandrock is the next evolution of the My Time series formula […] With updated graphics, improved performance, and tons of new features, the launch of My Time at Sandrock is our chance to share the game we’ve always wanted to make with players across the world!”

Yan Wei – Pathea

You can check out the game’s Early Access trailer here.

What Is My Time At Sandrock?

Like its predecessor, My Time at Sandrock is a wholesome sandbox experience all about making friends and restoring the world to its former glory. You’ll take on jobs from the citizens of Sandrock to help revitalise the city, explore ruins, mingle with more than 30 unique NPCs and level up your skills. This is set to be a truly immersive experience with stunning visuals and engaging gameplay. Here is some of what you can expect when My Time at Sandrock launches next month:

  • Level up the skills that best fit your style of play
  • Take on jobs to help build improvements for the people of Sandrock
  • Obtain new blueprints to unlock advanced structures
  • Explore ruins and caves to find mysterious relics and uncover the history of Sandrock
  • Take out enemies with the game’s overhauled RPG-combat system
  • Make friends with over 30 unique NPCs
  • Explore the gorgeous town of Sandrock and its surroundings
My Time at Sandrock - Farming
Image Credit – Pathea

Release Date & Price

My Time at Sandrock is set to release into Early Access on May 26th. It is launching on both Steam and the Epic Games Store and is set to cost $24.99. Players can expect frequent updates while it remains in Early Access such as additional NPC dialogue and multiplayer features. Head on over to the game’s Steam store page to wishlist it and be notified of any future updates.

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