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Left 4 Dead Style FPS/RTS Hybrid, Monster Master, Is Live On Kickstarter

Indie studio FlatfIsh Games are seeking your support on Kickstarter to help make their online multiplayer title Monster Master.

If you’ve ever played and enjoyed Left 4 Dead 2 or Evolve, then you’ll absolutely want to know about the upcoming Monster Master. Launching onto Kickstarter back in June, the online multiplayer title has raised £1,041/$1,446 of its £9,363/$13,000 goal. With 14 days left to go, there’s plenty of room for backers to come in and show their support. But, before you put any money down, you’re likely wondering what Monster Master is.

Monster Master - Gameplay
Image Credit – FlatfIsh Games

What Is Monster Master?

Monster Master is a 3 v 1 FPS/RTS online multiplayer hybrid. Set in a “Stephen King novel-like setting”, three survivors must do their best to scavenge resources and hunt down the Monster Master before they become too powerful. Should they fail to do so before nightfall, then they must face their wrath as the Monster Master unleashes deadly hordes of, well, monsters. It’s an exciting premise filled with supernatural abilities, wonderfully colourful locations and exciting gameplay. Here is some of what you can expect:

  • Grab a group of friends for 3 vs 1 asymmetric PVP FPS/RTS-hybrid gameplay
  • Take on the role of a surviror and fight your way through hordes of monsters… or be the villain of the story and unleash legions of your minions
  • In the RTS mode you can not only unleash your monsters, but set down traps, hazards, summons and mutations to hinder your foes
  • Explore a world inspired by horror classics such as those by Stephen King, John Carpenter and Steven Spielberg
  • Play as any of the unique heroes and utilise their signature weapons and abilities

You can check out its trailer here.

Image Credit – FlatfIsh Games

Release Date & Price

The game’s Kickstarter is still ongoing, with 14 days remaining at the time of writing. There are various packages to choose from, the cheapest being the $20/£15 Survivor package. This will net you Alpha Access (due in July), a digital copy of the game, your name in the credits and exclusive wallpapers. The most expensive option is the Monster Master bundle for $1,299/£936. If you’re feeling particularly generous, then you can pick this option to get a whole slew of amazing rewards such as designing your own monster and NPC. So, head on over to Monster Master’s Kickstarter page now to pledge your support.