Mahokenshi Receives An Open Preview, Ahead of January Release

Dropping before its Early Access launch date, developer, Game Source Studios, has delivered an Open Preview for deckbuilding adventure, Mahokenshi.

Based in Greater Paris, Game Source Studios is applauded for its co-development work. With games like Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition and Assassin’s Creed Liberation Remastered under their belt, it is easy to get excited about this debut title. Game Source Studios’ devotion to player feedback is yet another reason to expect great things from this ambitious title. 

Mahokenshi - Game map
Game Source Studios

What is Mahokenshi?

Blending hex-grid strategy with tactical deck building, Mahokenshi takes players on an adventure across gorgeous game boards as a Samurai Mage. Hailing from one of the four houses of the Celestial Isles, it is your duty to defend the Kingdom against the ensuing corruption. Collect cards and help slay dangerous demons in your quest to eradicate the evil that threatens your home. The now available Open Preview introduces a number of new improvements long sought after by the community, such as revamped visuals.   

Features you can enjoy in Mahokenshi include:

  • Over 300 masterfully illustrated cards to collect
  • Explore gorgeously designed weather themed 3D map 
  • Additional missions and progression system
  • Turn-based hex strategy mixed with card based combat
  • Choose from four unique elemental spirits via Samurai Houses 
  • Enjoy beautiful attack animations 
Mahokenshi - Shopkeeper Stall
Game Source Studios

The Open Preview for Mahokenshi is available now for free on Steam. The game is planned for an Early Access release in January 2022. Don’t forget to add it to your wishlist for future updates.