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Lemnis Gate: Phenomenally Unique & Brilliantly Innovative – PS4 Review

It is fair to say that up until Lemnis Gate’s launch, I was not its biggest fan. Prior to hearing about its existence, I had played the wonderfully exceptional Quantum League, a game with very similar mechanics to Lemnis Gate. While there were obvious differences, such as Lemnis Gate’s operators, there were enough parallels that I found myself unwilling to accept it as anything more than a clone. Suffice to say, I was a little prejudiced. However, having now played Lemnis Gate I not only understand it to be its own unique twist on this ever-expanding genre, but also a phenomenal game worthy of extreme praise.

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“A huge roster of game modes and maps mean that even the smartest players will be kept on their toes.”

Lemnis Gate pits two or more players against each other in small arenas. Each player has a pool of seven operators that they must utilise across each game. At the start of a turn, the player will choose which operator to send out. They will then have 25 seconds to do whatever they can accomplish within that timeframe. Once the turn ends, it resets and the next player goes. Your opponent uses their operator to accomplish whatever they can and then the turn passes back to you. Now, you send out your next operator who exists within the same 25 seconds as the first operator. You can see your first operator play out the exact actions you instructed it to the first time and must use your new operator to assist it. This continues until both players have utilised all their operators and then the game ends.

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Did you get all that? Because I sure didn’t. It is easy to become overwhelmed by Lemnis Gate’s incredibly complex premise. This is especially the case when you take into account the various mechanics I didn’t explain in full. For example, each operator – of which all seven are incredibly unique and fun to use – has their own unique abilities and guns. Of course, using these correctly in conjunction with one another is the key to victory. However, varying game modes and a huge roster of maps mean that even should one perfect their strategies and team synergy they’ll still be kept on their toes.

“Each turn in Lemnis Gate is a balletic dance of thoughtful consideration and perfectly executing a precise play.”

However, surprisingly, despite all its complexities, an overabundance of unique mechanics, operators and maps, Lemnis Gate never gets too confusing. You see, when you’re actually in a match Lemnis Gate gives you plenty of time to perfect your play. At the start of each turn, you’re given a lot of time to watch the previous turn play out. You can see exactly what your opponent did, where they went and who they shot. This gives you the opportunity to counteract their actions and potentially save one of your operators from death.

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Even upon death, your operators can still carry out their actions, not unlike in Quantum League. Saving them from dying will allow them to resume what you’d originally told them to do. This, fortunately, and refreshingly, forgoes the meaninglessness of death. Therefore, each turn becomes a balletic dance of simultaneously thoughtfully considering each and every action and its possible consequences while perfectly executing a precise play. It is a beautiful sight to behold, regardless of whether or not you get it right.

Lemnis Gate is a rare gem that is simply too complex and too brilliant that words alone won’t do it justice.”

Fortunately, even for those who aren’t as interested in Lemnis Gate’s 4D chess style mechanics, the first-person shooting element is strong enough that it still works as a traditional shooter experience. Having even the most basic of grasps of its core mechanics will allow anyone to have fun. This is also reflected in its many game modes. From online multiplayer to offline single-player, Lemnis Gate caters to all. There are numerous modes to choose from regardless of whether or not your playing alone. Additionally, there are enough maps to keep everyone entertained for a decent amount of time.

However, for those contemplating buying Lemnis Gate as a single-player experience, be aware that you’ll be playing against yourself. In offline mode, solo players act as both themselves and their opponents. While it takes some getting used to, it can be just as fun as playing against real players, if not more so. It is also a perfect way to practice outside of the game’s excellent and informative tutorial.

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I feel it is difficult trying to write a review for Lemnis Gate. It is a rare gem that is simply too complex and too brilliant that words alone won’t do it justice. Picking it up for its exceptionally low price and giving it a whirl is really the only way to truly experience its majesty. Fortunately, it isn’t a purchase most are likely to regret. Lemnis Gate is just as much for those who have been looking to spice up their first-person shooting experience as it is for puzzle aficionados. It is a truly intuitive and incredibly fun experience and one well worth picking up.

Lemnis Gate - Feature Image
Lemnis Gate Review
Lemnis Gate is as complex as it is fun. While its complicated mechanics may seem overwhelming at first, when you actually jump into a match it feels both intuitive and easy to understand. Each of the seven heroes are incredibly unique and fun to play as, and the sheer amount of content on offer makes it a worthwhile package. For its low price point, it would be silly to pass up picking up Lemnis Gate.
Engrossing first-person combat
Impressive amount of content
Exceptionally cheap
A unique cast of heroes to play as