Splitgate - Key Art

Splitgate launches on Consoles July 27, With Open Beta Now Available

Free online shooter, Splitgate,  launches on July 27th after undergoing a massive overhaul with an open beta now available.

Splitgate, developed and published by 1047 Games, is a free-to-play, fast-paced multiplayer shooter, featuring player-controlled portals. Best described as “Halo meets Portal“, Splitgate is launching cross-play functions for PC, Linux, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 on July 27. Fortunately, the open beta is free to download right now, with cross-play enabled.

Splitgate Open Beta Console Launch

The game features complete crossover and cross-generation gameplay for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Fans can get a first glimpse of what to expect after the game launches later this month. To start building their teams and defeating opponents right now, players can sign up for more information or go directly to the platform of their choice to start playing.

Splitgate’s free beta includes a preview for one of the new maps the game will have in its premiere on July 27, a limited time combat pass for the beta, a new game mode called Showdown and more. Luckily, fans will have plenty to enjoy before launch.

Lastly, Splitgate offers Spray n’ play challenges, leaderboards, and more than a dozen casual and competitive game modes. Whether it’s a research facility inside an active volcano, an underwater luxury hotel, a UFO crash site, a futuristic treehouse or an abandoned mine, each map is unique and played differently. The gameplay style rewards players who can adapt quickly in this special mix of combat and portals.

Splitgate - Key Art
Splitgate – Key Art

Splitgate launches on July 27 for PC, Linux, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 for free. You can also play the Splitgate open-beta now by downloading it on your platform of choice.