Introductions and Our Favorite Horror Games – Digital Nightmares

Welcome to Digital Nightmares! Digital Nightmares is a video game podcast keeping the spirit of October going all year long.

We look at horror games past and present and will have discussions twice a month. In the future, you can expect interviews, series retrospectives, general topics, and more. 

For our first podcast, we introduce ourselves and our experiences with the genre. We discuss haunted houses, Halloween, Resident Evil, Omori, Yumi Nikki, Silent Hill, Alan Wake, and much more.

Episodes will release bi-weekly on the second and last Friday of every month at 8 AM (US EST). Our second podcast is releasing on Nov. 26, and we’ll discuss The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes. If you would like to follow along, pick up a copy and play through it, and send us your thoughts before the show at our Twitter @diginightpod

How to Listen to the Digital Nightmares

If you can’t see your favourite podcast app written above, then try searching for us on the app. Otherwise, let us know, and we will do our best to get our podcast on the app.