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Murder Mystery Game ‘Inspector Waffles’ Coming To Steam Furry Soon!

Goloso Games are bringing their purr-ty claw-ver point-and-click detective adventure game, Inspector Waffles to Steam and GOG this March!

In Inspector Waffles, players will take the role of the titular adorable, but definitely gritty, Waffles! Who’s a good boy! A high-profile industrialist CEO has been murdered, and it’s up to you to sniff out the murderer! This is a good ‘ol fashioned point-and-click adventure title, in which players much search various locations for clues and interrogate a cast of intriguing cat-aracters, all while listening to jazzy mew-sic!

Inspector Waffles - Gameplay
Image Credit – Goloso Games

Inspector Waffles features gorgeous pixel art, fully illustrated cutscenes, and a witty script! Of course, there will be all the cat puns you could ever dream of, which is why I have abstained from them in this article. Paw-don me? Mew don’t believe me? Fine, from meow on I’ll keep it to a mew-nimum.

If you’re a fan of old school point-and-click titles then this is bound to be for you! Yann, the creator of Inspector Waffles and founder of Goloso Games, said it “began as a classic detective story that soon grew to something a bit more complex.” This is clearly a labour of love for them, as they’ve been “working on Inspector Waffles for almost 4 years now and [is] very proud of it” Honestly, I’m very excited to get my paws, claws, and teeth stuck into this incredible looking title!

If solving some cleverly thought out puzzles, meeting a cast of interesting felines and uncovering a mystery so good it’s got me on the edge of my seat already, then head on over to Steam or GOG and wishlist Inspector Waffles! It launches this March 23rd. I’m not kitten-you.

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