Indie Horror Games to Start Off The Year – Digital Nightmares

We are back! We were working hard to find some great hidden gems during our one episode of hiatus. If you are itching for short, terrifying experiences, look no further. In this episode, we introduce two new hosts, Erik, who is returning from episode four, and Dan Mandour, and recommend eight great indie horror games released in December through January.

Digging through and Steam, we uncovered indie horror games that you’ve probably never heard of. Most of the games mentioned are only 15 minutes to an hour long, and most of them are completely free with optional donations. Whether you are looking for outright terror, slow-burn horror, or just plain weird content, we cover it all in the latest episode.

Indie Horror Games and More

Games Mentioned: Milk Outside of a Bag of Milk, How fish is Made, An Outcry, Needy Streamer Overload, Spurcerio, Fears to fathom, Invitationem, Mandela invasion.

What Else We Have Been Watching/Playing/Reading: Pokemon Arceus, Tabletop Simulator, Silent Hill 2, No-End House, The Weird Anthology, One Missed Call, Grapple Dog, and Yakuza 2.

What is Digital Nightmares?

On Digital Nightmares, we look at horror games past and present and will have discussions twice a month. You can expect interviews, series retrospectives, general topics, and more in the future. 

Episodes will release bi-weekly on the second and last Friday of every month at 9 AM (US EST). Our next podcast is releasing on Feb. 25. We will be discussing the much-anticipated sequel, Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

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