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Huge Spiritfarer Updates Will Add New Story, Characters, And Locations

Spiritfarer, the cozy-management sim developed by Thunder Lotus Games, is receiving three brand-new updates this year that will add a whole heap of new content!

Spiritfarer is a beautifully charming management sim in which the player must help spirits pass on to the other side. It’s heartbreakingly sad, incredibly cathartic, and just all-around incredible. If you loved it as much as I did, then you’ll be very pleased to hear that three new updates will be released for it across the year. Below are details on each of them, as well as their release dates.

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The Lily Update

Stella is killing it (probably not the right word, hey) at this whole spiritfaring gig. She’s an absolute pro. But as she travels she begins to notice that memories of her own have appeared in the form of beautiful flowers in her cabin. From the flowers butterflies spring to life, fluttering about, before settling down in the form of a new spirit: Stella’s sister Lily!

That’s right! The Lily update will bring about a few changes, including a brand-new spirit to interact with! Here’s what’s coming in the Lily update:

  • A new spirit in the form of Lily
  • Lily fancies herself a bit of a night-owl and will keep you company during the nights
  • She’ll illuminate your boat so that you can continue to travel even when it’s dark!
  • Spiritfarer’s cooperative experience will be enhanced with a brand new UI and the ability to do some coop fishing!
  • And more!

You’ll get to experience the wonderful Lily update and chill out with Stella’s sister this Spring!

Spiritfarer - Fishing
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The Beverly Update

As you travel Spiritfarer’s beautiful world, you’ll likely come across the beautiful island of Oxbury. While visiting, Stella is approached by a familiar-looking stranger. Could it be? That’s right, Stella’s old neighbour Beverly!

Once again, the Beverly Update will bring about a whole heap of new content, but most importantly a brand-new spirit for Stella to chill out with! Here’s what’s coming in the Beverly Update:

  • Beverly (of course)
  • A new station called the Archive Room. Here you’ll be able to inspect a new set of collectibles called Acetate Sheets!
  • A whole bunch of quality of life improvements (no details on those yet)

You and Beverly will be able to bicker to your hearts content when the Beverly update drops this Summer!

Spiritfarer - Building
Image Credit – Thunder Lotus Games

Jackie & Daria Update

When Stella recieves coordinates for a mysterious run-down hospital, she can’t help herself! Setting sale for this mysterious island she waits with baited breath! When she arrives she meets two new spirits: Jackie, who is the caretaker of the hospital, and Daria, his patient.

The Jackie & Daria update adds not one, but two new spirits! You heard me! Of course, in Thunder Lotus’ eternal generosity there’s more coming in the update! Here’s what’s coming in the Jackie & Daria update:

  • Two new spirits: Jackie & Daria
  • A whole new island to explore!
  • Experience a brand new event!

More details for this update are coming later this year, but you’ll be able to say a big warm hello to Jackie & Daria this Fall.

Spiritfarer - Roadmap
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More Information

You can find more information about the roadmap for Spiritfarer over on Thunder Lotus’ website. All of the updates will be completely free and will be dropping for all platforms!

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