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Hextech Mayhem: A League Of Legends Story – PC Review

I’ve never delved much into rhythm runners; I’ve always wanted, but always found them to be intimidating. Games like Geometry Dash have always evaded me for being far too difficult for a newbie to the genre. That’s why when I saw Riot’s new rhythm runner, Hextech Mayhem, I was quietly excited. Championing its explosion lover, Ziggs, I knew thematically they had a pretty good idea. Especially with Riot’s foray into new games via the Riot Forge, I was keen to see what the developers could do with the League IP. 

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“There isn’t an incredible amount of replayability of the levels.”

Hextech Mayhem is a pretty neat little Rhythm Runner which is far more casual friendly than some of the others in the genre. It’s relatively simplistic with an indication of what button you need to hit when throughout the course. You’ll be going up, down and throwing bombs in order to progress. Nothing particularly difficult, and the game is forgiving if you do mess up. At the cost of one’s score, you’ll be placed slightly after where you failed. Most of the songs are funky and have a good beat and groove to help you along.

There are random collectibles scattered throughout the level which require quick reactions and on-the-go thinking. These might require players to move a different path or throw a bomb at a certain time. Grabbing collectibles will earn you various unlocks such as skins for Ziggs. That being said, there isn’t an incredible amount of replayability on the levels. Overall, they’re quite basic and don’t have much room for skill expression.

Hextech Mayhem
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“The game itself isn’t long, and at its price point, it doesn’t need to be.”

The story mainly serves as a backdrop as to why Ziggs is, once again, wreaking havoc against the citizens of Piltover. The game itself isn’t long, and at its price point, it doesn’t need to be. At AU$13.50, it’s a cheap game for a short but fun time. From what I can tell the game has around 40 different courses to complete and master if need be, otherwise it’s a pretty quick playthrough. 

Hextech Mayhem is a great example of Riot’s expansion into other genres via its Riot Forge. It’s proof that Riot knows what they’re doing and how to continue expanding its IP. It definitely has me excited for future IPs as well. 

Hextech Mayhem Screenshot
Hextech Mayhem Review
Hextech Mayhem is a decent first expansion into other genres by Riot Forge. The game isn't without its flaws, but at its price point, it's harmless enough to tease what it's store for the future.
Easy to Pick Up
Simple Controls
Little Replayability
Minor Narrative