Haunted Castles and Cheap Apartments – Digital Nightmares

We’re all back together again to introduce three spooky nightmares to Jasmine. We hunt for Squirrel pelts, keep our eyes locked on cheap rentals, and explore a melancholic castle. Listen to the end to find out what we played and who takes home the point this week in the Digital Nightmares podcast.

After deliberations, Jasmine brings up the upcoming horror strategy game The Fabulous Fear Machine demo for discussion for its vintage horror approach to Pandemic mechanics.

What We’ve been playing: Olli Olli World, Call of Cthulhu (2018), Friday Night Funkin’, Frostpunk, and Off.

What is Digital Nightmares?

Welcome to Digital Nightmares, where one lucky host gets to choose their nightmare. Each month one of us is the victim, and the other three are the killers. The killers play and bring a nightmare, a recent-ish horror game created in the last several years. Then they must explain the game and convince the victim in three minutes to play it without saying the title. After everyone has gone, the victim chooses a nightmare, and the winning killer gets a point.

Episodes will release bi-weekly on the second and last Friday of every month at 9 AM (US EST). Our next podcast releases on July 15, where we’ll all play the winning game from this episode. At the end of that episode, Jasmine can award a bonus point to any of the games from the last episode. We’ll also discuss recent announcements and horror news along with the regular segment.

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How To Listen:

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