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Genshin Impact Roadmap – What is Coming Next?

Genshin Impact is the latest game to take the world by storm. The free-to-play open-world RPG launched on September 28 across multiple platforms (PlayStation 4, PC, and Mobile) and drawers similarities to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Genshin Impact is a ‘Gacha Game’. Essentially using a microtransaction system to buy loot boxes in order to unlock new characters and gear. Fortunately, the system isn’t broken and you can still have an amazing time playing it.

Genshin Impact
Sensortower App Store Data (Source)

Genshin Impact has had the biggest worldwide launch of a Chinese game in gaming history. According to a Sensortower report, in its first week, Genshin Impact made approximately $60 million (USD) in player spending on the mobile stores alone (App Store and Google Play).

On top of this, miHoYo, the developers of Genshin Impact, have outlined their plan for the future. They have recently released the date for the first major patch as well as a roadmap outlining some big projects set for the future. There will, of course, be promotional wishes which will rotate, highlighting certain characters or weapons.

Genshin Impact
Amber from Genshin Impact (Source)

Genshin Impact Roadmap

  • Update 1.1 is currently scheduled for November 11. It will be the start of a new event, “The Unreturned Star”. It is not entirely confirmed what the event is about, but one can assume time-related quests for rewards.
    • Warning: Barbara will no longer be available as a free character when this event arrives. You are currently given Barbara at Adventure Rank 20 in your mail.
  • Update 1.2 will arrive just before Christmas and will be a Christmas-themed event. This update will introduce the new ‘Dragon’s Ridge’ area of the game, with new characters and events.
  • Update 1.3 will arrive sometime in February next year. It will bring the ‘Lantern Rite festival’ update with associated holiday events and hopefully some new characters.

If you are loving Genshin Impact as much as we are then you’d be happy to hear that miHoYo have confirmed they aim to update Genshin Impact every 5 weeks.


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