Gemini: An Indie Diamond – Review

Gemini is an indie game featuring an odd combination of tower defence, action, and rogue-lite. All your favourite features in one beautiful game. It is in the style of 2-bit, which I’m not usually a fan of. However, this game makes it an enjoyable experience that isn’t hard on the eyes. Unlike other tower defence games, which require you to keep a constant eye on how much money you have, in Gemini, all you need to keep an eye on is your own health, mana and that big diamond you are protecting.

Gemini was released on September 23rd, but there wasn’t much hype about it. This game slipped in under the radar on Steam and had been on sale for quite some time. Its price point is justified despite it being a short game. Once you get used to how the monsters move and attack, it is pretty easy to power through levels. But you need to stay vigilant of the monsters; otherwise, it could mean your demise.

In-game Screenshot

The controls for this game are really really simple to get used to. There is also controller compatibility for those that prefer that over a keyboard. Gemini’s character design is also absolutely adorable, I mean, look at that bunny in a cloak? Who wouldn’t want to be mates with them? Even as a green blob my character is oddly cute.

“Imagine being created and getting told immediately you need to defend this crystal. I think the character deals with it well.”

Gemini has a brief introduction to the game and the characters before you start fighting to defend the crystal. Thankfully, the first fight isn’t anything too intense. It eases gently into the forthcoming chaos. You begin with a basic sword but worry not, because there are many different weapons to come!

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The monsters in Gemini are oddly charming despite the fact they are trying to kill you and destroy the crystal. But hey, nobody is perfect? Wrong. The bunny is perfect. The monsters change each level, but there will be some oldies reimagined in new ways. Maybe they’ll be wearing a hoody if it gets too cold? Or they’ll be blue due to hypothermia.

If you’re lucky, the monsters you defeat may even drop some new weapons which add to your lexicon of items. Unfortunately, you can only have one weapon and clothing item active at any time. Every equipped item has its own stats and perks, so you definitely need to keep an eye on what you pick up or drop.

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“Time to spend that sweet, sweet dough.”

After completion of one of the sub-levels, you will be taken to a nifty store. Here you will be able to spend the money you gathered during the level. You can purchase potions that buff your character and stack. Or you could spend the money on clothing and weapons. It’s up to you if you have the money for it. If you see something you really like the look of but can’t afford, don’t worry too much. You can complete previous levels so that the store doesn’t reset. Thank me later.

There are five levels for you to complete, each with five sub-levels to them. Like any game, they get progressively more difficult the further you go. So you will definitely want to grind for potions to become unstoppable. Well, close to it. It’s a good idea to keep track of the weapon and clothing perks, as you can use this to plan what combination is better suited for the level you’re on.

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“I went in expecting the Gemini bosses to be as easy as the regular monsters. I was wrong.”

Of course, with a game like this, there are bound to be some big bad bosses. These guys are definitely not to be underestimated as they quickly take out decent chunks of health. Luckily, you only face one per level. Unlike the other monsters that can swarm and overwhelm you quickly, these guys stomp you straight away. I found it is best to attack these guys from a distance. If you’re confident in your skill, you should be able to take them out with a sword.

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Gemini Review
Gemini is definitely worth the money for an enjoyable experience. Overall this game has a lot for you to discover; the amount of items available is immense. The gameplay keeps you engaged until the very end, and the character designs are adorable and unique. For a short indie game, it is one of a kind.
Beautiful Character Design
Plenty of Items
Low Price