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Forget McPixel 2, McPixel 3 is Coming to PC and More in 2022

Sos Sosowski and Devolver Digital are proud to announce that McPixel 2 McPixel 3 is coming to PC and other platforms later this year.

The first McPixel was released in 2012, and picked up a lot of traction after the YouTube star, Pewdiepie, decided to do a Let’s Play. The game is hilarious and has had an interesting history, to say the least. After the game’s release, Sos Sosowski, the developer behind the game, found out that people were torrenting the game on Pirate Bay. So instead of discouraging people to download the game illegally, Sos encouraged it.

I know that not everyone can afford entertainment. But everyone needs it. And even though I make games for a living. I am most happy just to see people enjoy them. So today, you can download a torrent of my game. And if you like it, throw some coins in my general direction.

Sos Sosowski, Developer of McPixel

Now, with the backing of Digital Devolver, McPixel 3 is on its way. You might be wondering what happened to McPixel 2? Lucky for you, we were in the same boat, but you didn’t miss anything and the latest entry is big enough that they just decided to skip the second entry altogether.

McPixel 3 Screenshot
In-game Screenshot

What is McPixel 3?

McPixel 3 centres around its main character with the same name, who is a parody of MacGruber — a parody of MacGyver. Your objective is to complete whacky scenarios and save the world. These scenarios include summoning a spider-billionaire, having a BBQ in your pants, punching a T-Rex into outer space, peeing on sports cars and kicking Fork Parker in the balls.

Here is what you can expect from the game:

  • 100 mind-blowing levels
  • Over 900 hilarious gags
  • Nearly 1500 interactive items
  • Over 20 minigames across all imaginable genres
  • 258,924,600 pixels
  • Works on your grandmother’s computer
  • Steve
  • A water level

McPixel 3 launches on PC and other platforms sometime this year. You can wishlist the game on Steam now. If you really want to play the second game, you can click here too.


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