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Fantasy Town Sim, A Hero’s Rest Is Revealed With Early Access Trailer

Developer Vanargand Games have announced that their upcoming fantasy management sim, A Hero’s Rest will be coming to Early Access soon.

We’ve always wondered what would it be like to send adventures off on quests to protect our land and earn money while doing it? Vanargand Games, a two-person studio based in Israel, has answered that very query with their debut game, A Hero’s Rest. Launching as an Early Access title first, the developers have stated that they want to make sure their game grows with their community. During the Early Access period, they plan to spend six months working with player feedback to improve and add more content to the game. However, don’t let that put you off as they have stated that despite some minor bugs, the game is in a great state already. Players will have fourteen different quests and ten bosses to defeat from launch.

A Hero's Rest - Gameplay
Image Credit – Vanargand

You can watch the game’s early access trailer here.

What Is A Hero’s Rest?

In A Hero’s Rest, you’ll take on the role of an owner of a small town. As the world of Felonia becomes infested with monsters, your King gives you the honour of removing them from his kingdom. After receiving your small town, you are tasked with increasing its reputation and earning the King’s favour. To do this you must send adventurers out on quests to destroy the monsters and evil plaguing Felonia. However, to truly build your reputation and earn the attention of more seasoned adventures, you must do so much more. You’ll have to upgrade your shop, craft new gear and manage all of the various in-game resources with maximum efficiency. It sounds like it’s going to be a fairly full-on adventure, so we’ve broken down some of what you can expect when it launches:

  • Build and upgrade your town with shops and decorations
  • Craft gear and customize your heroes to become the most powerful warriors
  • Send heroes on quests in your region to protect your town
  • Manage your resources in order to see your town grow successfully
  • Improve your reputation and standing with the King
Image Credit – Vanargand

Release Date & Price

A Hero’s Rest will launch into Early Access at the end of Q3 2022. You can currently wishlist it on its Steam store page. There is currently no official word on its price.