Jurassic World Evolution 2 Camp Cretaceous DLC Scorpios Rex

Fan Favourite Dinosaurs Return in New Jurassic World Evolution 2 DLC

Frontier Developments has announced that the Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack for Jurassic World Evolution 2 will be available next week.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 is the sequel to Frontier’s highly successful Jurassic World Evolution, expanding on the original in almost every way. There are new features, a new narrative, and, most importantly, new dinosaurs. This is easily the best way to experience the iconic movies if you think it’s easy to run your own dinosaur park. You can check out our review here.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Camp Cretaceous DLC Monolophosaurus

What Does The Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack Contain?

The Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack contains new dinosaurs, variants and skins inspired by the popular Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment and DreamWorks Animation series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. There are two entirely new dinosaurs, two variants for existing species, and eight new skins.

The Scorpios rex, one of the new dinosaurs, is a terrifying carnivore and one of Dr Henry Wu’s first hybrid creations. It was originally deemed unfit for containment, so it screams danger. The other new dinosaur is the medium-sized carnivore, Monolophosaurus. It has razor-sharp teeth, and a unique crest on its head to strengthen its loud roars. Both dinosaurs will be an exciting new challenge for players. Fortunately, nothing bad ever happens in a dinosaur park!

There are also two variants for existing dinosaur species. The first, Ouranosaurus, is a peaceful, herd-dwelling herbivore, with tall spines. The second and final new variant is Kentrosaurus, which draws similarities to a stegosaurus, but with extra spikes.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Camp Cretaceous DLC Kentrosaurus

New Free Update for Jurassic World Evolution 2

This paid DLC also launches alongside a free update for all existing players. The Species Viewer allows players to view each species in even greater detail, and First Person View allows you to see the dinosaurs in real size. Furthermore, there are also new decoration items, changes to sandbox mode content, and plenty of other exciting features.

The Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack and free update launch on March 8, 2022, and require the base game to download and play. Jurassic World Evolution 2 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.