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Everything You Need To Know About The Genshin Impact 1.6 Update

Genshin Impact, the incredibly popular JRPG, is receiving yet another update later this month in the form of Update 1.6.

Since its release on September 28th, 2020, Genshin Impact has taken the world by storm. Thanks to its growing success, it is still trudging along with regular updates every 6 weeks. Update 1.6 is the latest one to release. It is planned to be launch on June 9th at 4pm EST. But don’t worry, if you’re new to Genshin Impact, then you can check out our guide for beginners to help ease you into the experience. But for those who have already played the game, here are the upcoming additions Update 1.6 brings to Genshin Impact:


The first banner that will be featured at Update 1.6’s launch is Klee’s rerun banner. This will be followed by Genshin Impact’s latest 5-star addition, Kaedehara Kazuha. They are a mysterious swordsman from Inazuma with Anemo vision. There are no other confirmed characters yet. Unfortunately, Ayaka fans will have to do with rumours for now.


The new weapons that have been confirmed are the 5-star Freedom-Sworn Sword, Kazuha’s signature weapon similar to Hu Tao’s Staff of Homa, and the Mitternacht’s Waltz, a 4-star bow.

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Archon Quest

As expected, the update comes with a new Archon Quest called ‘‘Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves’’. This new quest will take players all the way to the Midsummer Islands, on the way to Inazuma. As hinted in the story so far by Atsuko and other characters, Inazuma’s Electro Archon is quite the tyrant.

Since it is inspired by Japan, the island nation is located on the other side of the ocean. So, entering the region will require some help from Beidou’s pirate crew. As the region is still in development, it is highly unlikely that Inazuma will be entirely explorable straight away.

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The Midsummer Island Adventure is likely the midpoint of the journey to Inazuma and where the player will complete the Archon quest. Once on the islands, the player will be able to move between islands with a boat and shoot Klee’s Jumpty Dumpties at enemies.


The new region also comes with a new boss, namely Maguu Kenki. They are a giant sword-wielding samurai who will be available as a World Boss upon the completion of the Archon Quest. This is not unlike Azhdaha. The boss will drop Maguu Kishin upon defeat, which is level-up material for Kazuha.

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There are two events that are to be featured in this new update. First, the long-hinted Ludi Harpastum, a 15-day celebration in Mondstadt, that will see Klee take the center stage. The Midsummer Island naval battle is also likely tied to this event as well as other minigames. These may go towards earning currency which can be exchanged at an event shop much like previous updates.

The second event that has also been featured in the trailer is Legend of the ‘‘Vagabond Sword’’. This is a boss challenge that will pit the player against the Primo Geovishap, Oceanid and Maguu Kenshi simultaneously.

Serenitea Pot

One of the biggest features the game has added recently is the Serenita Pot, Genshin’s de-facto Animal Crossing-style housing system. However, ever since its introduction, players have been wishing for more load space to place furniture. This new update will grant them their wish.

Besides that adjustment, the Pot is getting an entirely new mechanic called Companion Move-In feature. The feature can be unlocked upon completing the Idle Teapot Talk World Quest. This will allow players to invite characters as companions to their Serenitea Pot. Invited characters will continuously gain Companionship EXP, which will scale with the level of Adepal Energy rank.

Players will also be able to converse with their companions and will unlock more conversations as their friendship level increases. Finally, companions have furniture set preferences and once their preferred sets have been placed in the Traveler’s realm, the characters will offer gifts to the player. These include items such as primogems.


Genshin Impact has decided to enter the skin market with swimsuit skins being offered for Barbara and Jean. While Barbara’s outfit can be obtained for free by participating in an event, players will have to pay forJean’s exclusive summer outfit. This can be bought from the Outfit Shop.

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Epic Games

Epic Games has recently been making significant purchases to get exclusive games for its platform. It is thus unsurprising that Genshin Impact is coming to its platform. Epic Games have confirmed that Genshin Impact will be launching onto The Epic Games Store simultaneously with the launch of Update 1.6.