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Trippy Musical RPG, Everhood, Launches On Switch And PC This March

Everhood, a trippy, mind-bending rhythm-based RPG, by Foreign Gnomes, is releasing on Steam and the Nintendo Switch this March.

You’ll play as Red, a wooden doll who awakens from their slumber to find that a thief has stolen their arm! Explore the psychedelic world of Everhood, a realm unlike any other, meet the intriguing individuals who inhabit this strange land, and step up to those who get in your way!

You’ll come across such bosses as a banjo-loving frog, a sentient ATM, and a nearly nude knight (among many others!), in beautifully mesmerising dance battles that had me wanting to throw my cash at this game the moment I saw them! The music is insanely good (watch the above trailer, and you’ll see what I mean), and combined with the gorgeous art style and bizarrely brilliant visuals, we absolutely have a banger on our hands! This gives me serious Undertale vibes, and I think it has the potential to receive the same cult status that game did.

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There’s going to be five different difficulty options, so for those of you who aren’t used to this type of game and want to sit back and relax, and for those who want a serious challenge, never fear as there’s room for both of you! This is a 5-6 hour long adventure you’ll be undertaking here, so get ready to strap into an incredible tale full of twists and turns!

Worried about replay-value? Well, never fear, as there’s a New Game+ Mode that contains additional secrets to discover and a brand-new ultra-hard unlockable mode! There’s also a demo available right now if you fancy tryin’ before buyin’!

Everhood is releasing March 4th, 2021 for both the Nintendo Switch and Steam. It’ll be $14.99 on the Switch and $9.99 on Steam!

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