Dying Light 2: Parkour and Zombie Madness

This week we explore the zombie apocalypse in style — jumping, running, and sliding past and over the zombie hordes. We discuss Dying Light 2′s excellent parkour and combat systems. But all is not perfect in this zombie wonderland. There are significant bugs on consoles, and Dying Light 2 might be too big for its own good. In a month full of tentpole releases, is this the one for you? Take a listen and find out.

As a bonus, we mention some of our favorite first-person melee games. Stick around till the end for 3DS Eshop recommendations to pick up before the store’s closure next year.

What Else Have We Been Doing

Recommendations: Pokemon X, The Strangers, and OneShot

3DS Games to Get: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX, Link Between Worlds, Super Smash Brothers 3DS, Pilot Wings Resort, Return to PopoloCrois.

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