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Mystery Visual Novel Dry Drowning Launches On Switch This February

Dry Drowning, the acclaimed cyberpunk mystery visual novel by developer Studio V and published by VLG Publishing, is finally launching on the Nintendo Switch this February!

Dry Drowning puts players in the role of Mordred Foley, a private detective with a haunted past, a cigarette in-between his lips, and a determination to uncover a serial killer. Navigating a cyberpunk world drowning in socio-political issues, crime, and a bureaucratic food-chain that always ensures the good end at the bottom, players must solve a gritty murder mystery.

Dry Drowning - Dialogue
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What Is Dry Drowning?

Dry Drowning is a visual novel with a cyberpunk flair. Players will have to solve cases to uncover an overarching mystery, interrogate intriguing characters all while delving deep into the past of the central protagonist Mordred. Here’s a list of things you can expect to see in Dry Drowning:

  • Over 150 narrative-paths affected by the choices you make
  • Three different endings
  • Decision making that not only affects character relations but the game environment too
  • 20 hours of gameplay
  • Uncover clues through dialogue, items, character biographies, and evidence
  • “Horror style interrogations”
  • Uncover the truth with the “Living Nightmare” system (sounds ominous)
  • Relive your past cases to help solve new ones
  • Over 40 music tracks
Dry Drowning - Minigame
Image Credit – Studio V

Release Date & Price

Dry Drowning will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch on the 22nd of February, 2021, and will set you back £22.49. If you simply cannot wait, then head on over to Dry Drowning’s Steam store page, where it’s already available for purchase! If you’re not sure whether it’s the game for you, then wonder no more! There’s also a demo available for PC that lets you experience the first two hours of the game. How generous!

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