Dragon Saddle Melee: Arcade Joust Reimagined With Cool Synths

Dragon Saddle Melee In-game Screenshot

Miniclip and flash games used to be all the craze when I was growing up. I’d come home from school and play them with my friends, and sometimes I’d even play them at school with friends (sorry mum) as we just couldn’t get enough. Dragon Saddle Melee takes me back to those days, and if you’re after a cheap hint of nostalgia then this might be your ideal game.

Dragon Saddle Melee draws inspiration from the classic game, Joust, which was an action game developed by Williams Electronics and released in arcades in 1982. In Joust, you play as a knight riding on a flying ostrich, but in Dragon Saddle Melee, you fly on a dragon (as the name suggests). Your goal is to be the last person standing (or flying) as you compete against other players. 

In-game Screenshot

“From the background silhouettes of cityscapes to the cool 80s synths that blast as you fly around, Dragon Saddle Melee is incredibly satisfying.”

As the game progresses, the rounds become more difficult because you only have a limited amount of lives. You can take other players out by bopping them on the head from above and they will completely shatter like glass. Power-ups are also available, so you can shoot missiles and go on the aggressive or protect yourself with a shield.

Being based on a game from the 80s, the controls are incredibly simple. Therefore, you will never have any issues here. Games tend to last for a while, so it’s a great party game with friends, especially if you take rounds in turns and laugh at the one who stuffs up.

There is a lot to love about Dragon Saddle Melee. From the background silhouettes of cityscapes to the cool 80s synths that blast through your speakers as you fly around, it’s all incredibly satisfying. Each round, there’s a different objective, alleviating any monotonous gameplay sequences. Therefore, you never feel like you are replaying the same level, and the final round where you have to take down a golden dragon felt as difficult as taking down an Elden Ring boss.

In-game Screenshot

The developers behind the game, Main Tank Software, are also working on another game called Hexarchy. We were fortunate enough to interview them on the Crater Corner podcast.

You can check out Dragon Saddle Melee on Steam for an incredibly cheap price. If you feel like supporting Hexarchy on Kickstarter, you can check it out here.

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