Digital Nightmares: Haisonmeguri

Last week, Erik enchanted us all with his bizarre-sounding suggestion of a horror game that integrates with your cell phone, this time, we are checking it out. We will be spoiling the whole game, so try it out before listening if you are at all interested in a playthrough. After our discussion of Haisonmeguri, Max will decide the winner of the bonus point for this week, and we will discuss what else we have been playing.

Recommended Games and Media: Scarlet Hollow, Haisonmeguri, Janitor Bleeds, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Dragon Age Inquisition, The Looker

What Is Digital Nightmares?

Welcome to Digital Nightmares, where one lucky host gets to choose their nightmare. Each month one of us is the victim, and the other three will be the killers. The killers play and bring a nightmare, a recent-ish horror game created in the last several years. In five minutes, the killer must explain the game and convince the victim to play it without saying the title. After everyone has gone, the victim chooses a nightmare, and the winning killer gets a point.

Episodes will release bi-weekly on the second and last Friday of every month at 9 AM (US EST). Our next podcast releases on August 26, where Max, Dan, and Jasmine will present three new nightmarish horror games to Erik for the next round of Digital Nightmares.

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