Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator on the Digital Nightmares Podcast

Digital Nightmares: Alien Anatomies, Abandoned Ships, and AI Yandere

In this episode of the Digital Nightmares podcast, the team presents three new terrifying horror games for Erik to choose from this week. In the first episode of each month, the team discusses potential games and in two weeks, they will play one. The media discussed this week were Pulse, Evil Dead Rise, Mystery Games, and more. You can see the outcome of the episode here.

Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator was also mentioned on the podcast. This is a sim game powered by Chat GPT. Due to this connection and the use of OpenAI’s API, the in-game NPC or your girlfriend is highly intelligent, allowing you to discuss any topic with her. However, you’re going to have to convince her to open the door for you if you ever plan on escaping.

Yandere AI is a truly unique experience that you can play here. Alternatively, you can listen to this episode of the Digital Nightmares podcast and hear all about it.

What is Digital Nightmares?

Welcome to Digital Nightmares, where one lucky host gets to choose their nightmare. Each month one of us is the victim, and the other three are the killers. The killers play and bring a nightmare, a recent-ish horror game created in the last several years. This could range from Triple-A to indie horror games. Then they must explain the game and convince the victim in three minutes to play it without saying the title. After everyone has gone, the victim chooses a nightmare, and the winning killer gets the point.

Episodes will release bi-weekly on the second and last Sunday of every month at 9 AM (US EST).

Evil Dead Rise Cover Art from Movie
Evil Dead Rise Cover Art

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