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Deck13 Spotlight Joins Strategy Game, Rising Lords, As Publisher

Indie publisher Deck13 Spotlight has announced that they will be publishing developer Argonwood’s medieval turn-based strategy game, Rising Lords.

Rising Lords has been in Steam Early Access for some time now. Launching back in May 2020, it has gone on to see significant praise from users. Of the 429 reviews currently on Steam, 73% of them are positive. Deck13 Spotlight is coming onboard as a publisher. They’ve already published a series of critically acclaimed titles such as Crosscode and Wartile. With their support, developer Argonwood will be able to see Rising Lords rise to its full potential.

Image Credit – Argonwood

You can check out gameplay for it here.

What Is Rising Lords?

Rising Lords is a deeply tactical medieval strategy game that features both card and board game elements. Players will be tasked with managing their medieval settlement and must deal with all the trials and tribulations that come with that. Additionally, you’ll be able to send your serfs out to battle, manage taxes and resources, raise armies and build cities. However, this is a game all about balance. If you act too harshly toward your people you may incite a revolution. Additionally, alongside the campaign mode, there is also a multiplayer option. For a more concise breakdown, here is some of what you can do in Rising Lords:

  • Manage all aspects of your kingdom from production, resource gathering, diplomacy, tax, rations and, of course, your people
  • Use tactics, the terrain and cards to win even the most impossible of battles
  • Besige your enemy’s cities, face them head on in battle and crush them when they’re at their weakest
  • Play with up to three other people in simultaneous multiplayer
  • Spread false information and use figures to manipulate your opponents
  • Customise your leader’s look and skills as well as your cities and troops
Rising Lords - Gameplay
Image Credit – Argonwood

Release Date & Price

Rising Lords is already available in Steam Early Access. It currently costs $19.00/£15.49. However, the full version set to be more expensive.

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