Gamedec Screenshot
Gamedec Screenshot

Cyberpunk Detective RPG, Gamedec, is Coming to PC Soon

Publisher and developer, Anshar Studios, is releasing their isometric cyberpunk RPG, Gamedec, on PC this September.

Anshar Studios may seem out of their element with the virtual reality shooters, Detached and Telefrag VR, under their belt. However, the team’s support work on popular RPG titles, Balder’s Gate 3 and Divinity: Original Sin 2, should help quell these concerns.

The team has shown dedication for nailing the experience. They have made a beta version of the game available to crowdfunding backers to accumulate feedback on their content. Additionally, a partnership with Corsair promises the integration of the iCUE lighting system at launch. This means that Corsair devices will illuminate in relation to your in-game experience. Having tripled its $50,000 pledge goal on Kickstarter, it looks like we can expect Gamedec to make big waves when it launches in just a few short weeks.

You can watch the release date trailer here.

Gamedec Screenshot
Gamedec Screenshot

What is Gamedec?

Gamedec is an isometric, non-combat RPG taking place in a cyberpunk 22nd century where the lines between games and reality are blurred. You take on the role of a private detective who specialises in solving crimes in virtual worlds. Gameplay focuses on deduction and freedom of player choice, aiming to capture the essence of TableTop RPG character development.

Even the choices made on the skill tree can change how NPC’s react to and view your character. The game promises to remain neutral to your choices, leaving morality completely up to the player. Here is some of what you can expect:

  • Gather information and clues from NPC’s and the environment
  • Approach situations from multiple angles
  • A branching storyline with multiple endings
  • Create and/or expose conspirices in a cyberpunk setting
  • Choose multiple professions that define your character within the game
Gamedec Screenshot
Gamedec Screenshot

Release Date And Price

Gamedec will launch this September 16th through Steam,, Epic Games Store, and Humble Store. The game will cost US$29.99, with a 10% preorder discount on most sources, bringing the total down to US$26.99. Gamedec will also release on Switch. However, this has yet to be revealed. Plans for other consoles are in the works but, as of yet, are unannounced.