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Valve Issues New Patch to Fix Broken Hitboxes in CS2

Valve has put out a patch fixing CS2’s broken hitboxes just days before the game’s $250,000 prize tournament.

CS2 released back on Wednesday, September 27, 2023, and since its release, it has enjoyed a steadily growing fanbase. Unfortunately, it’s also suffered from a number of teething problems, including a bug with player’s hitboxes. Typically, hitboxes are locked to the player’s character model, meaning you need to accurately hit their body in order to kill them. However, the bug saw players hitting enemies when shooting around them and not on them.

Are CS2 Broken Hitboxes Fixed?

Yes, CS2’s broken hitboxes have finally been fixed, allowing for more accurate gameplay. Valve put out a new patch for Counter-Strike 2 on Monday, 9 October 2023, that addressed the game’s hitbox alignment issue. The issue, spotted last weekend, saw players hitting targets they shouldn’t be able to due to hitboxes not accurately tracking the player’s movement. You can read the patch notes here or see them in the post below:

The patch has come at the perfect time, as CS2’s first big tournament, IEM Sydney is starting on 15 October, just 6 days away. Fans had warned Valve that CS2 wasn’t ready for the tournament, largely due to bugs, including the hitbox issue. It is fortunate (and no surprise) that Valve addressed the issue so quickly, considering that the prize for the IEM Sydney tournament is a whopping $250,000.

It’s worth noting that CS:GO also had numerous hitbox issues, which were also swiftly dealt with by Valve. If you’re interested in seeing just how bad the hitbox alignment bug was, you can check it out in the post below. In the meantime, why not check out our Games Hub for all the latest news on CS2?

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