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Creative Meta-RPG, Video Game Fables Available On Steam

Solo developer Momiji Studios’ sophomore game, Video Game Fables offers players a creative game-within-a-game RPG on Steam.

If you’ve ever loved the concept of a game within a game, then you’ll love Video Game Fables. Set in an abandoned RPG, this quirky and creative experience has been available on Steam for some time. Since its launch back on July 15th, the game has gone on to receive favourable reviews from fans and critics alike.

Video Game Fables - Gameplay
Image Credit – Momiji Studios

You can check out the game’s gameplay trailer here.

What Is Video Game Fables?

Video Game Fables is an unconventional, lighthearted RPG set in a once prosperous RPG. When the “Forsaken Princess” begins rewriting the game’s script, it’s up to an NPC, princess and the villain’s very own son – yes, you heard that right – to save the day. Through turn-based battles, mining, fishing, gardening and kart races, you’ll make your way through this unique RPG like no other. If you’re still not sold, then check out this breakdown of its best features:

  • Experience a unique story full of humour, colourful characters and a meta-narrative
  • Explore a vast and vibrant world
  • Engage in thrilling turn-based battles
  • Get up to a range of fun antics including gardening, mining, fishing and more
  • Enjoy an original soundtrack by Levc EGM

Release Date & Price

Video Game Fables is available right now on Steam. It costs $19.99/£15.49 and has a demo available for those who want to try before they buy.

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