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Chinese Sandbox Game, Pathless Woods, Releases This Year

Spiral Up Games, a video game publisher based in Singapore, has just announced its partnership with Aniya Games Studio to represent their latest creation, Pathless Woods.

Publisher, Spiral Up Games, and developer, Aniya Games, are both new companies in the video game industry. While Spiral Up Games haven’t published a game under its brand, several members have worked on games at other companies, such as Chinese Parents. On the other hand, Aniya Games is a team of two, who began as solo developers and decided to work together. There isn’t too much known about their previous exploits, but this will be their first game under the Aniya Games Studio brand.

Spiral Up Games CEO, Aldric Chang, is thrilled to unveil what Pathless Woods has in store for gamers, stating that “any fan of the sandbox survival genre should not miss Pathless Woods!” And it’s easy to see why. This brand-new sandbox game is set in ancient China, offering players an immersive and authentic experience of the rich cultural and architectural heritage of this fascinating civilisation.

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Image Credit – Spiral Up Games and Aniya Games Studio

What is Pathless Woods?

In a market saturated with similar genre games, Pathless Woods stands out by providing a unique experience that allows players to construct various structures inspired by ancient Chinese design. From simple wooden houses to grandiose pavilions and towering pagodas, the possibilities are endless. Additionally, players can cultivate vegetables using traditional Chinese farming methods and prepare delicious Chinese-style dishes.

The game not only allows players to build and farm but also requires them to survive against the elements and dangers that surround them. From logging, mining, and foraging to create essential tools, to staying nourished, hydrated, and maintaining a stable temperature and sanity, players must brave the rugged wilderness to survive.

Each new game presents a magnificent and mysterious world with different biomes to explore, friendly NPCs to interact with, and secrets to uncover. However, players must also defend themselves and their allies from the constant threat posed by the malicious Jaer cultists who will stop at nothing to disturb their peace and pillage their resources.

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Image Credit – Spiral Up Games and Aniya Games Studio

Overall, Pathless Woods is a game that promises to transport players to the heart of ancient China, offering an authentic experience that combines crafting, survival, and discovery. It’s a game that any fan of the genre shouldn’t miss, and we can’t wait to see what other surprises Aniya Games Studio has in store for us.

Pathless Woods will release sometime in 2023 in Early Access. You can wishlist the game on Steam now.


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