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Huge Biomutant Patch Announced, Will Fix “Narrator”, “Combat” & More

Developer Experiment 101 have announced they are releasing a huge patch to fix issues the community have had with their recently released title, Biomutant.

Biomutant recently released to mixed reviews. Reviewers cited the narrator, old-school open world and combat as major issues with the game. While our review isn’t out yet, we’ve certainly had issues with Biomutant’s rather irritating narrator. The community has been incredibly vocal about their indifference towards the game. User reviews on Steam currently sit at 64% positive reviews, and the User Score on Metacritic is at 71%. Fortunately, it would seem that Biomutant’s developer, Experiment 101 has listened to the community’s feedback and intend to implement a massive patch to improve upon certain features fans have complained about.

Biomutant - Patch
Image Credit – Experiment 101

What Will The Biomutant Patch Fix?

Posting on Twitter, Experiment 101 said that “based on community feedback”, they were working on “bug fixes and changes” for Biomutant. The update is in the works for both PC and consoles, although they stated that it will likely release for PC first. So, what does it include? Well, quite a lot it would seem. The update is set to fix a slew of issues, which upon first glance seem to fix the entirety of Biomutant. Here’s what Experiment 101 have said they’re aiming to improve:

  • The pacing of dialogues
  • Narrator settings
  • Difficulty settings
  • Video settings such as depth of field and motion blur
  • The loot system
  • Enemy tuning
  • Sound issues
  • Combat

They all feel like significant aspects of the game as these improvements cover everything from combat, narrative, audio and visuals. It remains to be seen how extensive these changes will be, but suffice to say it is certainly a step in the right direction. It is always refreshing when a developer listens to their fans. Experiment 101 have stated that they want to get the update “into players’ hands soon”.

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