Before Your Eyes

Before Your Eyes uses Blinking and a Webcam to tell a Story

Award-winning indie studio, GoodbyeWorld Games, are excited to announce their debut release, Before Your Eyes, coming to Steam on April 8th.

GoodbyeWorld Games’ first game, Close Your, was the winner of the Indiecade Developer’s Choice Award (2014), and the IGF Best Student Game Award (2015). Now, alongside the publisher Sybound Games, they will be making their first full-length game. Before Your Eyes is a brand new narrative-focused single-player game, where the player navigates the story using their own eye movements and blinks. 

What is Before your Eyes?

The unique blink interaction mechanic offers players a way to determine the outcome of the story and increase immersion. Before your eyes is a tale of self-discovery as players reflect their life through key moments. You’ll experience happy, beautiful, and unbearable moments of a life once lived.

Here is what you can expect from GoodbyeWorld Games’ debut game:

  • Real-world blinking is detected from the player’s webcam and affects the story progression.
  • An engaging, mo-capped narrative.
  • Players experience the highs and lows of life.

“GoodbyeWorld Games has made a unique and unforgettable experience with Before Your Eyes,” said Ian Howe, CEO of Skybound Games. “While keeping our eyes open can help us see, closing them may at times reveal what we hide from ourselves, and I love how the game conveys this. Most of us at Skybound teared up while playing the game and are honoured to help this incredibly creative team deliver such an artistic and relatable game.” 

Before Your Eyes Screenshot
Image Credit – GoodbyeWorld Games

Release Date and Price

Before Your Eyes will arrive on Steam on April 8, 2021, and, to maximise the experience, will require a webcam. There is currently no information on pricing, but you can wishlist the game on steam now. For more information about Before Your Eyes, you can follow the social channels on TwitterDiscord, and YouTube.


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