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Beautiful Hand-Painted Platformer, ITORAH, Out Now On Steam

Developer Grimbart Tales and publisher Assemble Entertainment have released their gorgeous Mesoamerican-inspired platformer, ITORAH onto Steam.

The long-anticipated handcrafted platformer, ITORAH, has finally been released. Developed by Grimbart Tales and published by veteran publisher Assemble Entertainment (known for Lacuna and Endzone: A World Apart), Itorah hopes to reinvigorate the platforming genre. We had the pleasure of previewing its demo a while back and gave it a glowing review. You can read that here. Stefan Marcinek, the CEO and founder of Assemble Entertainment, spoke a little about the game’s story and Mesoamerican inspirations:

“Rarely do games give a spotlight to indigenous cultures and stories, and ITORAH tells a bittersweet story through hand-painted art, inspired by Mesoamerican culture […] We’re proud and thrilled to release ITORAH with Grimbart Tales today, a studio devout in its passion to create amazing games; that’s what Assemble Entertainment is all about!”

Stefan Marcinek ~ Assemble Entertainment
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Image Credit – Grimbart Tales

You can check out ITORAH’s release trailer here.

What Is Itorah?

ITORAH is a gorgeous platformer with a hand-drawn art style and engrossing combat. Players will take on the role of the titular Itorah as she sets out on a journey filled with grief, loss and redemption across a doomed world inspired by ancient Mesoamerican landscapes. You’ll platform and puzzle your way through each stunning location, all while uncovering an enticing mystery. Here is some of what you can expect if you pick it up today:

  • Explore a hand-painted world inspired by Mesoamerican culture
  • Experience a slick and smooth experience thanks to Itorah’s 200+ animations
  • Engross yourself in a gripping narrative filled with mature themes
  • Meet a colourful cast of charming characters to help you on your journey
  • Hack and slash your way through legions of unique enemies
  • Engage in classic platforming and puzzling across each location

Release Date & Price

You can pick up ITORAH right now over on Steam. It will cost you £17.49/€19.99 for the standard edition (not including the current 15% discount that’s running until April 4th). You can also pick up a “Save The World” edition that costs £25.68/€29.99. This will get you the base game alongside the official artbook and soundtrack. 10% of the proceeds will then be donated to the Survival International charity.

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