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Beautiful And Ambitious Winds & Leaves Launches On PSVR This Spring

Winds & Leaves by developer Trebuchet is a stunning and heart-warming VR game all about the rebirth of a dying climate launching exclusively for PSVR this Spring.

In Winds & Leaves, players will journey across a barren wasteland named the Steppe in an attempt to regrow the nature that has been lost to time. You’ll play as The Gardener, and using your handy stilts, “a unique locomotion system made for PlayStation VR”, you’ll trek across harsh deserts filled with recklessly rampaging tornados, frighteningly frosty snowscapes, and the long-lost remnants of an old civilisation.

Winds & Leaves - Gameplay
Image Credit – Trebuchet

As you explore, uncovering new biomes and the mysteries the Steppes hold, it’ll be your job to regrow the flora. Plant all sorts of colourful trees and actively change the world around you as you go! This is an absolutely stunning PSVR title, and even the quick glimpse we get in the trailer (see above) of the world-changing by our feet is exhilerating! This truly will be an incredible VR experience!

Winds & Leaves also features an evolving and “living” soundtrack that will react to the various alterations you make across the world. There is also a dynamic time and weather system, and we catch a glimpse of being able to alter time and speed up the time it takes the trees to grow! It’ll all make for a very immersive and enthralling experience I’m sure!

If this seems like you’re sort of game, then be sure to check Winds & Leaves out when it launches exclusively for the PSVR this Spring!

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