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Bears in Space PC Review: A Hilarious Adventure Filled With Honey Pots

March 22 marks the release of three blockbuster triple-A games: Rise of the Ronin, Princess Peach: Showtime, and Dragon’s Dogma 2. However, there is one game missing from the pack, Bears in Space, which is a serious contender for the best game on the day and possibly one of the best in 2024.

Bears in Space is a hilarious, high-energy, retro-futuristic bullet-hell FPS that takes you on an adventure through multiple locations and levels. You play as Maxwell Atoms, a Spacetronaut, who, after a freak accident, has their DNA merged with Beartana, a loose unit as she is aptly named. 

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“New robot variations, including bosses and other kaiju enemies, are introduced regularly.”

There isn’t much to the narrative; rather, it sets the foundational direction for the level design. In Bears in Space, players must embark on a journey to return to Earth, and while this seems like an easy task, it will take significantly longer than expected as it’s always nicer to take the scenic route. Along the way, you’ll meet a colorful cast of characters who are willing to help and spread positive cheer.

Evil robots are there to ruin the adventure, firing an array of bullets in your direction at any given moment. That means you’ll have to master the art of dodging, dashing, and double-jumping, a unique bear fact you probably didn’t know, to weave through the vibrant circles heading your way. Sometimes, it does feel as if it’s too much of the same enemy, but new robot variations are introduced regularly, including bosses and other kaiju enemies.

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“The most enjoyable element of Bears in Space isn’t the combat or narrative elements but the level design.”

Bears in Space is a love letter to classic bullet-hell shooters, and you’ll have over 25 weapons to utilize. From trusty space blasters to wacky gadgets, there’s something for every playstyle. On top of this, you can improve the weapons by using them and getting kills, as well as purchasing weapon upgrades from the traveling shop. Furthermore, honey pots are scattered throughout levels for you to unleash your ursine rage, transform into a bar, and rush around dominating enemies. The action never lets up in Bears in Space, and the more I played, the more addicting the game became.

However, the most enjoyable element of Bears in Space isn’t the combat or narrative elements but the level design. The game boasts a vibrant retro-futuristic aesthetic with eye-popping special effects, bullets flying around the map, and unique level-specific challenges. Each level is distinct, with most providing an entirely new biome for you to explore. Furthermore, Bears in Space isn’t all about shooting enemies constantly, and sometimes, you’ll find minigames hidden in each level. 

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“I was recruited into a basketcube team and was competing in my first tournament.”

One involved a level beginning in a store filled with white china dinner plates and a robot asking me, quite rudely, I might add, not to destroy his store. While the consequence of fighting the shop ower’s robot minions seemed worth the satisfaction of obliterating every inch, after restarting the level to complete missed content, the challenge was to be a gentleman and leave the store unscathed. Something I would have never thought of doing if I hadn’t restarted the level to try the alternative.

Another memorable experience was when I found my first Basketcube, a square-based basketball that obviously requires more skill, and shot a hoop. Before I knew it, I was recruited into a basketcube team and was competing in my first tournament, where, I’m not trying to brag but, I was the best player. Bears in Space is absolutely littered with small, exciting, off-the-beaten-path opportunities like this, and I was always excited to see what new experience was next.

Trading cards are collectible items scattered throughout levels as well. These essentially act as cool collectibles but count towards the overall level of challenges. There are over 50 to find, and are usually in some pretty bizarre locations.

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“Bears in Space is a hilarious, enjoyable title that Broadside Games should be incredibly proud of.”

Humor is a large part of Bears in Space, featuring some silly, sarcastic Aussie humor at every turn. While I personally found it to be hitting me right on the funny bone, it might not be for everyone. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously, and I’d definitely recommend not playing through it in one sitting, as you’ll quickly get sick of the constant jokes. This also extends to the gameplay itself.

Despite the variety of weapons, the core gameplay loop might feel repetitive after a while. There are over 15 levels, so you’ll constantly be blasting enemies at every turn. Therefore, I highly recommend not playing the game constantly to enjoy the game completely unless you’re an absolute madman.

Bears in Space is an amazing game that is well worth its price point. With countless levels, hours of content, and plenty of replayability, it’s a hilarious, enjoyable title that Broadside Games should be incredibly proud of. If you want to unleash your inner bear and blast some robots in a visually stunning setting, then Bears in Space is a stellar choice.

Disclosure: Game Crater was provided the game for this review.

Bears in Space Screenshot of boxing
Bears in Space Review
Bears in Space is a delightful blend of frantic action, quirky humor, and over-the-top visuals. It's a perfect pick-me-up for anyone looking for a fun and furry adventure among the stars.
Frantic fast-paced action
Visually delightful
Could become repetitive in long sittings

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