Ashwalkers By Life is Strange Co-Creator Releases This April

Ashwalkers by brand-new development studio, Nameless XIII, headed by DONTNOD’s co-founder and Life is Strange co-creator, Hervé Bonin, is coming to PC this April.

Ashwalkers, published by Dear Villagers, is a morbidly exciting narrative-driven survival title set in a post-apocalyptic world. The player will have to navigate a world torn apart by a geological disaster that has become smothered in a thick layer of ash, a constant reminder of the devastation caused over 200 years ago. Explore this melancholic monochrome misery as a team of four adventurers who set out to find a safe haven for their people.

This group of adventures, named The Section, are more than just characters for the player to push about. They each have their own unique identity and personality, and the player will get the opportunity to explore the intricate relationships and tensions between them. There’s the brave captain of the group, Petra, the pragmatic fighter, Sinh, the young optimistic scholar, Kali, and the cautious scout, Nadir.

Ashwalkers - Gameplay
Image Credit – Nameless XIII

As you explore, you’ll face moral dilemmas and ethical quandaries, and the way you choose to resolve them truly does matter. This game has a whopping 34 endings to explore, meaning every playthrough will be drastically different depending on your choices! You’ll also have to manage your team’s food, medication, and other supplies, so there will be a lot on your plate (probably not literally though, hey!)

If you’re intrigued and can’t wait until April rolls around, well have I got news for you! From the 3rd of February to the 9th, you’ll get the chance to play a demo of the game at the upcoming Steam Game Festival.

So, head on over to AshwalkersSteam store page to wishlist this title and get updated when it launches this April.

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