AQ40 Updated Thoughts

The AQ40 Raid itself was relatively easy. In a new raid you usually bank on using a ton of materials for consumables and a ton of wipes but for us, it was smooth. Throughout the entire raid, we only had 7 wipes across 4 bosses. Which week one that isn’t too bad at all. The Mechanics were important on a couple of fights but overall, AQ40 wasn’t very difficult.


Deeper Dive Into The AQ40 Raid


  1. Prophet Skeram splits into 3 occasionally and produces arcane explosions causing a lot of raid damage. He also has mind control as well. Having said that we actually accidentally pulled this boss, so we weren’t in proper positions. We crushed the boss in around 1 min.
  2. Battleguard Satura has 3 adds that do whirlwinds. The main strat is to kill the adds and keep them stunned to avoid whirlwinds. Then you kill the boss. Again first pull we kept the adds stunned and made quick work of the boss.
  3. Fankriss spawns worms if it isn’t killed. It can do an enrage and can kill your raid pretty quickly. We pulled it and we didn’t get a worm spawn until after the boss had died so this was a cakewalk.
  4. Princess Huhuhran fires poison volleys at you. It is best to have at least 15 people with Nature resist gear. This fight is one people usually stress over because of the NR gear requirement. Except we went in and this was super easy, so next week we are going to try with less NR gear equipped.
  5. Twin Emps requires a lot of coordination as one boss is immune to magic and the other immune to physical. The typical strategy here is to have a warlock tank 1 of them and then your tanks on the other. They also teleport so you need to have people on both sides ready to pick them up. We wiped 3 times on this boss. This was due to some bad rng on tank swaps and one instance of a hunter pet getting aggro so the bosses got closer together and healed.
  6. C’thun has multiple phases and needs a lot of coordination. We wiped the first attempt due to a few unlucky issues. The second attempt we had several people DC mid-fight and we still managed to kill it. The basic strategy is:
    • Position yourselves spread out in sections around the boss
    • Dodge the Eyebeam and move accordingly
    • Kill the tentacles in the right order
    • Phase 2
    • Kill the tentacles in the right order
    • Kill the tentacles inside the boss
    • Burn the boss when he is weakened
  7. Ouro needs avoiding when he burrows as well as correct positioning. We wiped at first due to poor positioning but on the second attempt, we downed him no problem.
  8. Bug trio is your basic focus on one before moving to the other. We downed this first try no problem.
  9. Viscidus was easily the most difficult. He poisons constantly and has a unique kill mechanic. You need to hit him with frost attacks until he freezes, then deal physical damage until he shatters. After shattering, he will split into smaller blobs which reform once they meet in the middle. The ideal situation is to kill all of them on the first shatter and he will sit at 1%. Once you shatter him again he will die. Usually, you end up with 2 splits then the death shatter. Any more than that, its likely a wipe. This fight takes a lot of prep in terms of consumables (venom sacs for poison cleanse, greater nature protection pots, anti-venoms, noxx trinket from mara, sapper charges for engineers and frost oil for melee weapons). This fight gave us the most trouble with 4 wipes but once we had a good system, it wasn’t too bad.

Consumable Recap

I really enjoyed the AQ40 raid. It had a good balance of difficulty across the different bosses. These are the consumables I went through during the raid:

  • 7 X Elixir of the mongoose
  • 20 X Grilled Squid
  • 20 X Greater nature protection pots
  • 5 X Major Healing potions
  • 2 X Major mana potions
  • 1 X Ground scorpok assay
  • 6 X Frost oils
  • 8 X Heavy runecloth bandages
  • 10 X Immature venom sacs (you can also use the regular anti-venom from first aid as well it just has a 1 min CD instead)