Apex Legends

Apex Legends Releases New Patch to Fix Lag Issues

Respawn has released information on a patch that will address the widespread server instability on Apex Legends from September 14.

If you’re an Apex Legends fan, then this has been a tough week. Since September 14, the battle royale game has had a lot of instability, with three times the amount of disconnects as normal. Fortunately, the latest update is on it’s way and Respawn states that it will “address” the issue.

“We’ve shipped a patch for @playapex that should meaningfully address teleporting, packet loss, and lag,” stated the official Respawn Twitter. “Also, we’ve discovered an issue with animated banner poses that can cause crashes. We advise unequipping these poses for now. A fix for this & more is scheduled for Wednesday.”

Respawn also added that they will be “continuing to work through issues causing higher-than-normal crashes.” They hope Wednesday’s patch will help.

While competitive Apex Legends players have expressed their distaste for the constant disconnects, Respawn will extend the current ranked split by one week. However, this won’t return the lost of points from the server disconnects.

Hopefully, the update on Wednesday will return the game to normal as this past week has made the battle royale mode unplayable.