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Roguelike Card Battler, Anti-TuringTest, Available On Steam Now

Indie developers Metagalaxy Panda have released their debut game, the roguelike card battler titled Anti-TuringTest, onto Steam Early Access.

Anti-TuringTest is the debut title of a small development team comprised of just four members. It is being developed by Metagalaxy Panda and published by indie publisher Milk Bottle Studio. In the past, they have published games such as the critically acclaimed Timelie. Of its 1,214 reviews, 96% of them are positive. So, it’s fair to assume that Milk Bottle Studio knows which projects to pick.

Anti-TuringTest has been released into Early Access and intends to stay there for an additional “7-8 months,” according to its Steam store page. However, Metagalaxy Panda hopes to garner feedback from their growing community and improve the game throughout the Early Access period. You can watch the game’s trailer here.

“We hope this game can show such core creative gameplay, and find those who like this genre.”

Metagalaxy Panda
Image Credit – Metagalaxy Panda

What Is Anti-TuringTest?

Anti-TuringTest is a roguelike card battler in which you play someone trapped in a neverending loop. You don’t know if you are a human or a robot and must fight against an onslaught of enemies. Every time you die, you’re reset, but the more you’re reset, the closer you get to answers. Being a roguelike, Anti-TuringTest features all sorts of upgrades for both your character and cards. Here is some of what you can expect:

  • Explore a fragmented narrative through each of your runs
  • Gain tungsten points after each combat encounter and use them to upgrade your character and cards
  • Use a litany of cards at your disposal to get the upper hand in combat
  • Enjoy the vibrant anime art style
Anti-TuringTest - Gameplay
Image Credit – Metagalaxy Panda

Release Date & Price

Anti-TuringTest is available right now on Steam. It costs $10.99/£8.29 and is currently experiencing a 10% discount until September 19.

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