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All Achievements & Trophies in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Trophy and achievement hunters will be slashing through all sorts of villainy in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown to unlock them all.

As players slice their way through different enemies of Persian mythos in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, they will need to face challenging boss fights, uncover lore-oriented backstory, and more to unlock every achievement. You’ll even need to eliminate entire lines of royalty and explore secret hidden floors to truly obtain every trophy and achievement the game has to offer. Below, we have formed a detailed list of all of the trophies and achievements in the game, including their names, rarities, and how to unlock them.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown: Full List of Trophies & Achievements

Players can earn 31 trophies in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, including the Platinum.

*Disclaimer: Gamerscore information will be added upon the game’s release on January 18, 2024.

Below is the complete list:

NameDescriptionTrophy RarityGamerscore
Prince of PersiaAcquire all TrophiesPlatinumN/A
The ManeaterDefeat the king of beastsSilverN/A
The Forest TrespasserDefeat the otherworldly queenSilverN/A
Snake in the SandDefeat the banished godSilverN/A
Fists & ArrowsDefeat the artful legendSilverN/A
The Storm Master Defeat the might masterSilverN/A
The White LionDefeat the vengeful princeSilverN/A
King of KingsDefeat the KingSilverN/A
The End of TimeDefeat the god princeGoldN/A
A Warrior’s EndDefeat the old generalSilverN/A
Time ServedEliminate the JailerSilverN/A
Parallel UniverseDefeat an alternate versionBronzeN/A
Warrior WithinUse every Athra SurgeSilverN/A
Glory of FaravaharFully upgrade the necklaceSilverN/A
Blessing of ShamshirFully upgrade the sword and bowGoldN/A
Tools of a ProphetCollect all amuletsGoldN/A
Elixir of GodsAcquire all Soma Tree petalsGoldN/A
Cyra’s Last HopeFind the Herbalist’s last campBronzeN/A
Written in the SandComplete the prophecy frescoSilverN/A
Tree of LifeSpeak with every Wak-Wak headSilverN/A
Spectre of the SeasDiscover the ghost shipBronzeN/A
Hidden FloorDiscover a secret floorBronzeN/A
The True MoonComplete the Moon Gatherer’s questSilverN/A
Charitable SoulComplete every side questGoldN/A
BetrayalEliminate an enemy with the Dimensional ClawBronzeN/A
Natural ResourcesCollect 5 oresBronzeN/A
Shock TrooperEliminate 20 enemies with an opportunity attackBronzeN/A
An Honorable EndDefeat a Lost WarriorCollect five oresN/A
All the Time in the WorldEarn 10,000 Time CrystalsBronzeN/A
Air DancerEliminate 30 enemies in the airBronzeN/A
Deadly TrapEliminate five enemies by throwing them into spikesBronzeN/A

Many of the trophies and achievements to earn in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown seem straightforward. Most of these consist of players needing to defeat enemies required to advance the story.

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