Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Trophy

All Achievements & Trophies in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth has Trophy and Achievement hunters traversing across Japan and Hawaii to collect them all.

The Like a Dragon series is infamous for having players explore each corner of the game’s maps to collect all the Trophies and Achievements. The newest entry, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, continues the tradition of having players complete all the substories, level up their characters to their ultimate power, and even do some wacky deliveries as a yakuza tough guy. The following list includes all of the trophies and achievements players can earn in the game, how to unlock them, their trophy rarity, and Gamerscore.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth: Full List of Trophies & Achievements

Players have over 65 trophies and achievements to earn in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, with nine additional trophies as part of an optional DLC pack. The extra DLC pack achievements do not count towards the primary game trophy count. Below is the complete list for players to check out:

*Disclaimer: Gamerscore information will be added upon the game’s release on January 26, 2024.

NameDescriptionTrophy RarityGamerscore
Infinite WealthObtained all trophies.PlatinumN/A
Back in ActionComplete Chapter 1.BronzeN/A
Fish Out of WaterComplete Chapter 2.BronzeN/A
Time Marches OnComplete Chapter 3.BronzeN/A
Down and OutComplete Chapter 4.BronzeN/A
MisgivingsComplete Chpater 5. BronzeN/A
Hiding in Plain SightComplete Chapter 6. BronzeN/A
Separate WaysComplete Chapter 7. BronzeN/A
Layered LiesComplete Chapter 8.BronzeN/A
Found and LostComplete Chapter 9.BronzeN/A
Dying BreedComplete Chapter 10.BronzeN/A
ReunionComplete Chapter 11.BronzeN/A
Holding the LineComplete Chapter 12.BronzeN/A
Turning the TidesComplete Chapter 13.BronzeN/A
The Man Who Regained His NameComplete the final chapter.GoldN/A
Touching LivesCompleted 10 substories.BronzeN/A
Saving LivesCompleted 20 substories.BronzeN/A
Living Your Best LifeCompleted 40 substories.BronzeN/A
Squared AwayViewed all of Nanba’s Drink Links.BronzeN/A
No RegretsViewed all of Adachi’s Drink Links.BronzeN/A
Missing WordsViewed all of Saeko’s Drink Links.BronzeN/A
Breaking FreeViewed all of Joongi’s Drink Links.BronzeN/A
Starting FreshViewed all of Zhao’s Drink Links.BronzeN/A
Rest AssuredViewed all of Chitose’s Drink Links.BronzeN/A
Letting GoViewed all of Tomizawa’s Drink Links.BronzeN/A
Commanding RespectViewed all of Seonhee’s Drink Links.BronzeN/A
Wandering DragonReached level 10 with Kasuga.BronzeN/A
Resolute DragonReached level 30 with Kasuga.BronzeN/A
Apex DragonReached level 50 with Kasuga.BronzeN/A
Legendary DragonReached level 70 with Kasuga.BronzeN/A
SuperhumanRaised one of Kasuga’s personality stats to max.BronzeN/A
MetahumanRaised all of Kasuga’s personality stats to max.BronzeN/A
Renewed PurposeCompleted all Life Links.SilverN/A
Precious MemoriesGathered 30 Memoirs of a Dragon.BronzeN/A
Abundant MemoriesGathered 70 Memoirs of a Dragon.BronzeN/A
Funk Goes OnPushed Kiryu’s Soul, Tech, or Body to the max.BronzeN/A
Alo-Happy Can BeExperienced eight activities offered by Alo-Happy Tours.BronzeN/A
Side HustleRaised a job to rank 30.BronzeN/A
Mad HustleRaised 3 jobs to rank 30.BronzeN/A
Ultimate HustleRaised seven jobs to rank 30.BronzeN/A
Pound for PoundDialed up Poundmates 30 times.BronzeN/A
Something from NothingMade ten pieces of gear at Julie’s Gearworks.BronzeN/A
Investing in the FutureCompleted all of Julie’s investments.BronzeN/A
SujimaniacRegistered 100 Sujimon to the Sujidex.BronzeN/A
Sujimon SenseiRegistered 200 Sujimon to the Sujidex.BronzeN/A
Dungeon SweeperConquered the Yokohoma Underground.BronzeN/A
Ruffians BewareConquered the Hawaiian Haunt.BronzeN/A
Break It Up!Won 20 raids.BronzeN/A
Suji League ChampionCompleted all Sujimon-related substories.BronzeN/A
Sujimon Snag ‘EmRecruited 10 Sujimon from battle.BronzeN/A
Prize FightMaxed out a Sujimon’s level and friendship.BronzeN/A
CraftaholicCrafted 100 different pieces of DIY furniture.BronzeN/A
Island HospitalityWelcomed 100 guests to Dondoko Island.BronzeN/A
Dondoko A-Go-Go!Ran a TV ad on Dondoko Island.BronzeN/A
Basking in GloryTransformed Dondoko Island into a 4-star resort.BronzeN/A
Dondoko DenouementComplete the Dondoko Island Story.BronzeN/A
Having Fun Yet?Played ten different minigames.BronzeN/A
Licensed to SkillObtained ten certificates from the Ounabara Vocational School.BronzeN/A
30 Mins or It’s FreeCompleted all Crazy Delivery courses.BronzeN/A
Sicko StopperCompleted all Sicko Snap courses.BronzeN/A
Photo HunterTook 30 different photos for the Photo Rally.BronzeN/A
Spirit of AlohaBefriended 50 people through Aloha Links.BronzeN/A
Don’t Hate The PlayerMet up with 5 people from Miss Match.BronzeN/A
Not a Total WasteObtained an item from a toilet bowl.BronzeN/A
Somewhere Over the RainbowPhotographed a rainbow in the skies of Hawaii.BronzeN/A
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Master Vacation DLC Trophies

Players who own the Master Vacation DLC pack can earn more trophies and achievements in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, including those tied to New Game Plus. Below is the list of extra trophies:

NameDescriptionTrophy RarityGamerscore
The Hero ReturnsTook up the Hero’s mantle in New Game+.BronzeN/A
Endless VacationCompleted New Game+.SilverN/A
We’re Probably The Best!Completed New Game+ on Hard difficulty.SilverN/A
We’re Definitely The BestCompeted New Game+ on Legend difficulty.SilverN/A
Building Bonds and Making GainsCelebrated your victory over sector one of the Big Swell.BronzeN/A
Titillating TeamworkCelebrated your victory over sector two of the Big Swell.BronzeN/A
Kei is for KinshipCelebrated your victory over sector three of the Big Swell.BronzeN/A
Unboxed BrotherhoodCelebrated your victory over sector four of the Big Swell.BronzeN/A
We Did It?Celebrated your victory over sector four of the Big Swell.SilverN/A

That is all the trophies and achievements for Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Players curious about Kiryu and Ichiban’s latest adventure can refer to the Game Hub here for more.