Like a Dragon Gaiden Trophies and Achievements List

All Achievements and Trophies in Like a Dragon Gaiden

Like a Dragon Gaiden has a huge list of trophies and achievements to unlock, but it might be one of the easier Yakuza games to complete.

Trophy and achievement hunters will be pleased with Like a Dragon Gaiden, especially if they plan on completing the game. There are no 100%, Legendary mode, or difficult Mahjong challenges that must be completed. Instead, many of the trophies and achievements can be completed as you play the game.

Like a Dragon Gaiden: Full List of Trophies and Achievements

There are 61 trophies (plus Platinum) and achievements in Like a Dragon Gaiden. Here is every trophy and achievement in the game and how to unlock them all:

Dragon of DojimaObtain all TrophiesN/APlatinum
Gotta Catch Some Balls!Obtained some Balls.15Bronze
Hidden DragonCompleted Chapter 1.15Bronze
Castle on the WaterCompleted Chapter 2.15Bronze
The Man Who Knew Too MuchCompleted Chapter 3.15Bronze
The Laughing ManCompleted Chapter 4.15Bronze
The Man Who Erased His NameCompleted the Final Chapter.60Gold
Fledgling DragonObtained 10 abilities through Upgrade Abilities.15Bronze
Respectable DragonObtained 20 abilities through Upgrade Abilities.15Bronze
Ferocious DragonObtained 30 abilities through Upgrade Abilities.15Bronze
Legendary DragonObtained 50 abilities through Upgrade Abilities.25Silver
Like a BeeActivated the Hornet gadget during battle 100 times.15Bronze
Like a SnakeActivated the Serpent gadget during battle 50 times.15Bronze
Like a SpiderActivated the Spider gadget during battle 50 times.15Bronze
Like a FireflyDetonated the Firefly gadget during battle 50 times.15Bronze
Always PreparedObtained 10 types of equipment items.15Bronze
Extremely HeatedUsed Extreme Heat 30 times.15Bronze
UntouchableUsed Ultimate Counter 5 times.15Bronze
Silver TierEarned a Silver rank at the Castle.15Bronze
Gold TierEarned a Gold rank at the Castle.15Bronze
Platinum TierEarned a Platinum rank at the Castle.15Bronze
Taking RequestsCompleted 5 requests for Akame.15Bronze
At Your ServiceCompleted 10 requests for Akame.15Bronze
Go-To GuyCompleted 15 requests for Akame.15Bronze
Neighborhood WatchCompleted 10 Stroll n’ Patrol missions.15Bronze
Neighborhood DefenderCompleted 30 Stroll n’ Patrol missions.15Bronze
Neighborhood HeroCompleted 50 Stroll n’ Patrol missions.15Bronze
Drinkin’ and Linkin’Bonded completely with Akame.15Bronze
Rookie FighterReached 1,000 fans.15Bronze
Up-and-Coming FighterReached 3,000 fans.15Bronze
Favored FighterReached 10,000 fans.15Bronze
PrizefighterReached 30,000 fans.25Silver
Hell’s KeeperCompleted all matches with a Silver rank.15Bronze
Hell’s PatronCompleted all matches with a Gold rank.15Bronze
Hell’s ChampionCompleted all matches with a Platinum rank.15Bronze
Welcome to the FamilyRecruited 10 members to the Joryu Clan.15Bronze
Secret AchievementContinue playing to unlock this achievement.15Bronze
They Can’t Stop Us AllRecruited 30 members to the Joryu Clan.15Bronze
To Train in LifeBonded completely with a Joryu Clan member.15Bronze
To Train in DeathBonded completely with 5 Joryu Clan members.15Bronze
To Train BeyondBonded completely with 10 Joryu Clan members.15Bronze
First King DethronedDefeated the first of the Four Kings.15Bronze
Second King DethronedDefeated the second of the Four Kings.15Bronze
Third King DethronedDefeated the third of the Four Kings.15Bronze
Fourth King DethronedDefeated the fourth of the Four Kings.25Silver
The World’s StrongestDefeated Amon.25Silver
Fashion ScrubObtained 15 types of outfit items.15Bronze
FashionistaObtained 30 types of outfit items.15Bronze
TrendsetterObtained 50 types of outfit items.15Bronze
The Man Who Had Too Many HobbiesPlayed 10 minigames.15Bronze
Heavenly VIPCompleted all hostess missions at Club Heavenly.15Bronze
Castle VIPCompleted all hostess missions at Castle Cabaret.15Bronze
Retro GamerPlayed 5 different games on the SEGA Master System.15Bronze
Arcade DwellerPlayed 6 different games at the arcade.15Bronze
Pocket Circuit ProUnlocked the Masters Circuit in Pocket Circuit.15Bronze
Left in the DustWon 3 Rival Matches in Pocket Circuit.15Bronze
BullseyeWon a game of darts.15Bronze
Royal GamblerPlayed at the casino and gambling hall in the Castle.15Bronze
Rising SuperstarWent to karaoke with Akame and sang a duet.15Bronze
Surgical PrecisionCompleted a 1-Shot Challenge on normal difficulty.15Bronze
Locked UpObtained 30 items from coin lockers.15Bronze
Whip-SplashThrew an enemy into the river with the Spider gadget.15Bronze

That’s every achievement and trophy in Like a Dragon Gaiden. For more guides like this one, make sure to check out our Game Hub.