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Sci-Fi Beat ‘Em-Up, Aeon Must Die!, Resurfaces With New Release Date

Developed by Limestone Games and published by Focus Home Interactive, the existential sci-fi beat ’em-up, Aeon Must Die!, will be releasing for consoles and PC later this year.

Aeon Must Die! was announced back in August 2020 during the PlayStation State of Play. The game which is being touted as an “existential sci-fi massacre”, looks set to be a fast-paced brawler set in a sci-fi universe. Last year, the game was marred in a controversy surrounding the game’s initial trailer. The entire creative team and the game’s founder and CCO resigned. Now, it would appear that Aeon Must Die! has simply continued development despite losing so many team members. To mark its return, the publisher, Focus Home Interactive, has re-released the original trailer on YouTube and announced the game will be launching later this year.

You can watch the reveal trailer for Aeon Must Die! here. You can also check out the information provided by the original team here.

Image Credit – Limestone Games

What Is Aeon Must Die!?

Aeon Must Die! is a beat ’em-up set against a neon-soaked sci-fi backdrop. The game centres around Aeon, the Emperor of the fearlessly unstoppable Void Armada. Unfortunately, he is betrayed by his most trusted generals and left for dead. In a last-ditch attempt to stay alive, Aeon fuses his body with the players in order to seek his revenge against those that betrayed him. This is a “massive story” all about betrayal, love and revenge in which the player must make difficult decisions. You can succumb to the influence of Aeon and unleash his mighty powers, or fight against him and attempt to free yourself. Here is some of what you can expect in Aeon Must Die!:

  • Embark on an epic journey to destroy those who betrayed you
  • Mercilessly kill all those who stand in your way in this “brutal” beat ’em-up
  • Engage in risk-reward gameplay against “innovative” AI
  • Make difficult decisions and choose who to kill and who to spare
  • Enjoy the unique anime art style as you massacre everything in your path
Aeon Must Die! - Gameplay
Image Credit – Limestone Games

Release Date & Price

So far the official release date remains undisclosed. However, Aeon Must Die! is set to release sometime later this year. It is releasing for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch and Steam.